Saturday, September 21, 2013

Click Away and Some Information

I think this will be my last post here, even to do a link to the Why Comic Books sucks site. I will still do posts on occasion over there.

I spoke to Lee, Thomm and Matthew about this blog and I think that it will be updated less and less but I leave it for them to let you know what their plans are for this website.

It will not be deleted so all of our opinions can live forever.

My reasons for switching sites are because I believed we had established this blog as a daily site and once it was not I wanted to do something less formal and regimented, therefore I moved onto the other blog.

Jim neglected to mention that he spoke with us in person about the blog.  Although I missed the lunch (and the chance to actually meet Thomm) with the rest of the guys while I was waiting to get some stuff signed by the legendary Sal Buscema!) 

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  1. Glad for the retro-format and the promise to keep us around until the "real" NEW EARTH. :)