Friday, February 02, 2018

The Return of Comics And….

Like bands of old getting back together to go on tour once again Comics And… is making its dramatic return. And like those bands of old the hair maybe grayer and the voices not as rich as they used to be, but the money is just too good to pass up. Wait a minute no one is paying us and it is probably only me who is grayer (more white) then before.

In the back of my mind I have had a bunch of things to say about current comic books and the associated movies and TV shows. At the same time I have become more enamored of art and even gotten into doing commission pieces. Finally the nostalgia bug has hit me and I find I read old comic collections as much as the new stuff. Worse I have gotten into buying some older books because it is not just the story and art but the ads that I actually enjoy.

With all of that as along preamble the point of this brief article is to announce that we are back but on a limited basis. Our goal is to post once a week at least and try and do the post on a Sunday. Gwen, Lee, Matthew, Thomm and myself will post whatever is on our minds. And if the “owner” of that week want to do multiple post he is free to do so. We understood that an old school blog is somewhat passé, but we are doing this for our own amusement and not looking to monetize it. So if you find us please share and spread the word if you enjoy what we have to say. We are placing no restrictions of what someone is posting so be aware this can be an opinionated group.

What I hope to cover from my viewpoint over time is commission artwork, original comic art, golden/silver age artists I have grown to love, new comics, old comics and the vanishing inker. I hope we find our old fans and maybe generate some new, but in the end it is as much about just shooting an arrow into the air and see where it lands. Hopefully not putting out someone’s eye.

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