Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nextwave #9 - A Review

Nextwave Agents of Hate #9 - Writer - Warren Ellis, Artist - Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger - Inker, Dave McCaig - Colors

Premise - A group of heroes who were brought together by H.A.T.E. , now fight H.A.T.E. and it's parent company the Beyond Corporation by destroying their unusually WMDs. Actually it is absurdest humor, poking great fun at many super hero conventions.

What I Like:

1) The art. Stuart Immonen maybe one of the most versatile and best pencillers in comics today. This book is done in a cartoonish type style and Stuart has also done a lot of work in a more realistic style. I have never seen an artist who can change their styles so effectively and maintain a high quality in their work. Many artist are so stylistic that you know immediately that Byrne, Chaykin or Quietly is drawing the book. A great job and a perfect style for the book. The inker and colorist are doing great jobs as the art really pops off the page.

2) The fun. Little lines like Tabitha saying to Elsa "Why do the French hate us, anyway?" and Elsa's answer "They don't. They don't know you. The French-Canadians hate you, though." just makes me laugh as I'm reading the book. Out of context it is not as good as in the comic. The utilization of "Not Brand Echh" comedy heroes. Year ago Marvel published a parody book that was mocking their own heroes. This book brings back Charlie America, Giant-Sam, Bulk and Forbush-Man. Very funny and just out and out fun.

What I didn't Like:

1) The upside down panels. I understand that it was to make sure we had the same perspective as the heroes, but it was a lot of upside down panels and detracted from my enjoyment of the book.

2) That this series is ending with issue #12.

Grade - B

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  1. I enjoyed the Nextwave coloring issue myself. That was goodtimes :) On a side note I'll post more often when I have my own internet connection again!