Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Worse Thing Ever

The person who killed and critically injured the Amish girls is about the worse thing I have heard about in a very long time. My religious beliefs are few, but I hope there is a hell and that he suffers the worse fate possible. This is a horrifying event and my heart goes out to the victims, their families and the family that he left behind.

This is beyond the pale. I can understand 9/11 better then this.


  1. What makes it even sadder and more horrific is that the man apparently committed the murders over something that happened 20 years ago, when he would have been 12-13 years old. The girls he killed were all far too young to have been involved in whatever incident he felt he needed revenge for.

    I'm glad he's dead - I would hate for our tax-money to be paying for his incarceration and trial.

  2. I'm glad he is dead also.

  3. The guy had molested girls long ago and had told his wife that he dreamed of doing it again. He lost a daughter, who was a baby born but only living for 20 minutes. He used that to justify loading up with K-Y jelly and zip ties as he went in search of a bunch of school age girls whom he could hold hostage and sexually brutalize before killing. The man blew his brains out just as law enforcement was coming in through the windows to storm the schoolroom and maybe save the girls. 5 dead girls who had barely begun to experience life all victims of some sick fuck's warped fantasies. How can we stop these things from happening? I hope this puts an end to people who say there is no such thing as an evil person and try to come up with any reason to excuse horrific behavior.

  4. What makes this so frightening is that it seems that this evil must have been growing within him for years, because by al learly accounts he came across as normal. This was a true horror. I would have had no problems with killing someone like this. This whole event leaves me numb. If the five other girls survive his evil will still have scarred them for life.

  5. It's a horrible thing. I've seen enough horrible things to know it won't be the first time or last. I hope and pray for everyone that has been hurt by this swine.

    I have given up my violent ways in search of peace and understanding. I want to embrace the path of a pacifist.

    That being said, I would have glad beat the fuck out of this scab before putting one (or two) between his beady little eyes.

    I don't stand for violence against women or children. In this case, BOTH.


  6. Now there's a worse thing. Some group of assholes is planning on protesting the funerals of the Amish victims. They want to use the deaths of these innocent girls to try and score political points. What fuckers! Pisses me off!! Thank God the governor of PA is gonna use whatever force necessary to keep these protestors the hell away from the Amish funerals. They deserve to mourn and bury their children in peace.

  7. Jeff - That is worse. I believe in free speech, but all freedoms have restrictions and funerals should be off limits.

  8. No one's funeral should be protested.

    Give me a baseball bat and some red bull and I'll swing all day...