Friday, January 18, 2008

Comics I've enjoyed in 2007

I was going to do a top 10 of 2007 post but it really hasn’t worked out. See, with the mix of books I read I’d have to do separate sections for mini-series and ongoing, etc. On top of all that I’d have to put them in order. So instead here are my thoughts on some things I really enjoyed in the comic book world in 2007.

Blue Beetle

This was my favorite comic book as a whole this year. I’ve enjoyed every issue. Not only is it always a challenge to introduce a next generation hero, but it must have been even more difficult to keep the young hero as cut of from the mainstream as he’s been. Either way, this comic is brilliantly put together with good art that gets better every issue, an interesting story, a fantastic cast and a surprisingly all-ages story. I look forward to the continuation of Jamie’s story.


This is still one of my favorite books. I’ve really enjoyed the Frog Prince story arch. Bill Willingham really brings these characters to life in both their original capacity as well as giving the new depth.

Legion of Superheroes

I love the Legion. All of it. I’m so happy that they’ve become part of the DC universe again.


Yes, there has only been two issues in 2007, but no matter. I’ve had so much fun with this book. Not only has this been an exciting new comic book but I’ve had a great time interviewing both the author and the artist (Paul Ens and J Korim). I am looking forward to seeing how this story progresses.


This continues to be a great book. I love how much the main character has grown since the beginning of this story. I’ve especially enjoyed the artwork when it comes to some of the alien races in this story :)

Mouse Guard

I’ve loved every issue of this comic book. The hardcover came out for the Fall arc and it was very nicely put together. The Winter arc is already intriguing. I also love that I can hand this book to almost anyone of any age and feel that they’ll enjoy it.


Yes, it just started up, but it’s still made me happy during 2007. Matt Wagner is a brilliant storyteller.

Red String

This is Gina Biggs' webcomic. I had a great time talking with her and I continue to love her comic book. She really builds her characters well and her artwork, which is always beautiful, has become even stronger this past year. I especially value the respect she seems to have for her readers – she just tells her story and doesn’t play any games with her audience. This is especially valuable to me in the world of mainstream comics where characters do all sorts of out-of-character things so the publishers can make more money.

Potter’s Field

This is a lovely three issue mini-series from Mark Waid. I hope to see more of this character and look forward to the trade of this story.

Atomic Robo

So much fun. So very very much fun.

Left on Mission

I really liked this mini-series but considering Jim’s multiple reviews anything more I’d say would be redundant.

The Phoenix Requiem and Inverloch

These are both webcomics by Sarah Ellerton. Inverloch ended this year and although I’ll miss following these characters Sarah did a great job on this story. The Phoenix Requiem is her new comic and I look forward to seeing where the story is going. If you haven’t checked out any of her work before, you should. Her artwork is gorgeous and her coloring has developed increasing depth and detail.

There are other comics I enjoyed this year but those were the books that really stood out for me. I’m having a lot of fun delving further and further into the realm of indies and while I still enjoy some of the mainstream books I feel cheated by the major companies many times. The independent books out there seem to have a talent for telling good stories without ruining their characters. I’m especially looking forward to watching Red 5 Comics and Boom! continue to grow this year. It’s been a fun year in comics and I look forward to 2008.


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