Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Post Mortem

History tells us that those in power after six years almost always lose power at this point, so the changing back to a democratic legislature is not a surprise. What will be disheartening is that if all they do is go after Bush and try to impeach him and/or have committees ad naseum bringing in people to try and just play the blame game. I will be pleasantly shocked if they actually try to get stuff done. Of course I want them to focus on the impending fiscal crisis and illegal immigration and I'm afraid all they will do is find ways to take more of our money via taxes.

I was bummed that Ehrlich did not win re-election as governor of Maryland as he did a good job and did not deserve to lose, but the anti-Bush stuff was just too overwhelming. Plus I console myself with the fact that the even more overwhelming democratic legislature-elect and the democratic governor-elect should drive the state into a huge financial crisis in two years or less and it will be mildly amusing to see how they try and blame that on Ehrlich. Maryland is a joke when it comes to our government. The only reason we survive as a state is our close proximity to Washington, DC puts a lot of well paying jobs in our state.

I thought the Republicans had blown their chance at power and it was time for a turn over, but I miss what I used to think the Republican party stood for, which was less government and more personal responsibility. It may never have ever really been that, but now it has morphed into a self righteous party that felt it had moral superiority and believed government should be bigger and government knows what's best for us. It felt a little fascist. The Democratic party thinks they can tax everyone to death and take care of us, generating the perfect nanny state. They also act as they have moral superiority. It feels very a little communistic.

My favorite president (that I was alive and aware of) is Ronald Regan. He had a vision for the country and seemed to be a decent person. While I was alive I was but a child, but Kennedy certainly had some visionary qualities and that is sorely lacking in today's politicians.

My big fear is that I may had rose colored glasses and that all politics for all of our history may have been this bad, but I have to believe that is wrong and that their are still politicians who want to serve and not rule us.

Hope springs eternal and lets see if the Democrats can try to do some positive things and see if Bush and the congress both learn to compromise. The Democrats are back in power, but they do not have a veto proof majority. It is not a historic change either, it is how US politics almost always play put.

I heard it put best when someone said the Republicans deserve to loss, but the Democrats do not deserve to win.

It's frightening to realize that the rules have been changed to make a third party very difficult to ever come into power, but I think that is what we need.


  1. Crist is our new Gov. down here and while I'm glad Jeb Bush is gone I am disappointed that FL voted for the man who has said he will uphold JBush's legacy. FL needs to wise up and put someone in office who cares about making FL a better run state - not to mention it'd be nice to have someone in office who cares about making our public education improve. Crist's opponent Davis actually wanted to raise teacher's salaries and had a good plan put together to help our education system - but Crist's $40 mil campaign won out. How disheatening.

    Though it is kind of neat to have the first ever woman appointed to the speaker position this year.

    And FL had a democratic push which it has needed for awhile. It did make me sad to see how few people down here voted.

  2. I sense some conflict and frustration in your words and in a way I know what you feel. As I watched My party the Dems let these mean spirited Repulicans (and I do separate those from real Republicans and long for the day of those that knew the art of compromise and deal making to accomplish governing) back them up and paint them as uncaring, unAmerican, terrorist who hate God. Remember that the stereotyping runs both ways.

    I share a hope for Dems to act and do better. I want oversight and not bloodbath hearings. I want them to not say that the Repubs would not include us let us exclude them. I do feel that my faith is restored in the American people.

    I always felt that we as a people would do what is right when injustice was rampant. These "leaders" have bullied and sought to shred the Constitution for there own desires. The people have said ENOUGH! We have men and women dying, get your acts together, he is a fresh start.

    Have hope, and share my hope that the Dems heard the message and will be more about the work than they are about payback, although, some payback will occur simply by the change.

    Like your blog, have a good evening.

  3. Sometimes reprimanding a child doesn't make the family a happy place. But you still have to do it so the child learns about accountability.
    Holding government officials accountable for their actions strengthens our democracy. Letting lawlessness stand weakens it.

  4. Casual - You have a blog that is called Impeach Bush, you have no objectivity. An impeachment proceeding is exactly the type of thing this country does not need. Did you think trying to impeach Clinton was a good thing (of course you didn't).

    I'm glad you are not my parent.

  5. Palladin - I really do hope the democrats do the right thing. Some investigation (especially the whole Haliburton thing) demand some scrutiny, but other national issues should be addressed.

    My Mom and Dad was always conservative and voted Republican. I have voted across the board in hopes of finding real leadership. I fear it doesn't exist. The labels are not important, the person is and integrity is all important.

    It is hopeful that some of the new blood coming to Congress really is new blood and will hopefully bring a fresh perspective.

    Thanks for your post.

  6. I just think it's hilarious how the Dems came to take over the Congress. The only way they can win is by moving to the middle on the issues. The victory comes in due to disatisfaction with the Repubs and then the Dems put one of the most liberal, leftists of the entire party up as the Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi is a total whackjob. Makes Howard Dean look sane in comparison. I pray that the children can play nice, but I highly doubt it. What pisses me off is that Pelosi said if she got to power she would immediately launch impeachment investigations into Bush's actions. What a stupid thing to do. Our country is in great need of change and help and this loon just wants to keep wasting our tax dollars on frivolous witchhunts. The Dems and Republicans need to be thrown out on their asses. Both are totally corrupt and need to go. My hero of this election was Joe Lieberman. The Dems kick him out of the party for being too willing to work with Republicans. He runs as an Independent and smokes the competition. Shows that a third party candidate of sorts can win.