Thursday, November 16, 2006

Was Ras As Ghul Right?

Maybe it's because of the Baltimore, Maryland traffic, but it just seems that maybe Ras As Ghul was onto a good idea after all, but was taking it just a tad too far.

When I first read about Ras As Ghul and his plan to reduce the world's population by 90% and then start all over again, I was appropriately horrified as to what a terrible criminal he was. Mass slaughter on that scale was obviously wrong.

Then I started to get older and older and handle automobile injury claims for a living and my perspective has changed. Maybe we do just have too many people in the world and god knows the IQ that some people have would be hard pressed to get past room temperature.

Now 90% seems a little draconian, but the older I've gotten the higher my acceptable percentage has gone up. Given how long Ras has lived, his percentage is very generous. I mean that would still be 600,000,000 people.

Of course a very busy work week, heavy rain and just a dreary day maybe adding to my mood, but still it's doesn't sound as evil of a plan as it once did. Also he wanted to make the earth a better place.

So maybe............nah he is the bad guy. Right?


  1. Well yes and no, I mean, by the 30th century things will be better as Earth will have colonized other planets, but the population was also drastically reduced by the Atomic Wars.

  2. So he was right. Reduce first then enlarge again, but better.

  3. Perhaps, but I believe that space exploration and scientific advances in that field would help Earth's population problem.

  4. In college a friend and I had a name for this sort of plan. We called it the Mexico plan. It was pretty simple. Nuke them all and start over again. We were taking a history course on Latin America and Mexico seemed an intractable mess. It was all quite facetious, but sometimes it really does seem like a good idea. Except for the radiation, of course.

  5. I've got an idea - stop laws that protect people from themselves. If people want to smoke, let 'em. If they want to skip their seatbelt or helmet, let them. If they want to smoke pot or even use cocain, let 'em. Take away the majority of government assistance. Make people start taking responsibility for their own lives. The nanny-state rewards ignorance and stupidity, and encourages the ignorant and stupid to pass on their ignorance and stupidity to future generations.

  6. Ra's Al Ghul?

    I dropped him out of a moving uni-rail train.

    F that guy.

  7. Ariele - Good idea.

    Shawn - hope to see you tomorrow!