Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Best to Worst of Last Week

Ranking the best to worst of the week I find to be a really good exercise and it is a good way for me to try and weed out some of the weaker books on my list. What is funny is Deadman was ranking high on my to be cut list and it is being cancelled with issue #13 (I believe), so I can follow that till its death. This week had a lot of really good comics and finding the absolute best book was difficult, because different books were good for different reasons.

Detective Comics #833 – Dini writer, Kramer art, Zatanna guest starring. Terrific twist ending setting up part 2.
Black Summer #0 – See prior comments. My love of Batman and Zatanna kept this book from being the top book, but anyone of the first four books I could make a case for being #1.
Alien Pig Farm #2 (of 4) – This book is so much fun and I smiled and laughed out loud reading it. Great over the top premise, wonderful dialogue and art.
Jonah Hex #20 – Hell I would buy the hard cover (12 issue variety) of this series.
Fear Agent The Last Goodbye #1 (of 4) – Starting his origin, another fun book.
Dynamo 5 #4 – Four for four. Great super group book.
Countdown #47 – Really having fun with this series and enjoyed Mary Marvel’s change.
Birds of Prey #107 – Another great series and Ice is apparently alive again.
Scalped #6 – I really like reading about Dashiel Bad Horse. Good tough series.
Ward of the State #2 (of 3) – Really a strong issue, good solid story. Creepy story.
Jack of Fables #11 – Probably the best issue to date of this book.
Superman #663 – A good ending and lead in to next issue.
Lone Ranger #6 – An enjoyable series, done well.
30 Days and Night Eben & Stella #2 (of 5?) – Solid entry in the franchise.
Atom #12 – Good solid series and the start of “The Hunt for Ray Palmer”
New Warriors #1 – Good start and I like that a revolution is starting.
Outsiders #48 – The Checkmate/Outsiders cross-over has been a solid one.
Exterminators #18 – A really good Vertigo series.
Daredevil Battlin’ Jack Murdock #1 (of 4) - A nice book. Zeb Wells is becoming a writer I look for.
Death and the Man Who Would Not Die #1 (of 4) – Follow-up to Death in Dillinger, quirky, but a decent book.
Iron Man #18 – An okay issue, but dragging the story line out too much.
Welcome to Tranquility #7 – A likeable series that has grown on me very slowly.
Nightwing #133 – Best Marv Wolfman issue to date.
Starnge Embrace #1 (of 8) – So far I’m intrigued. Already has a creepy feel to it.
Ant-Man #9 – Decent issue of this series, it is getting better.
Midnighter #8 – Good solid one and done, best issue of this book in the last three months.
Drafted Preview – Decent enough to being me back for issue #1.
Avengers Initiative #3 – Best issue so far, Still not sold on this book.
Invincible #42 – Really a wasted issue, the jump on point was boring. Still 41 good issues and one boring issue is a fantastic record.
Omega Flight #3 (of 5)– This book is not working.
Uncanny X-Men #487 – Stop making me not like Brubaker, his other books are so much better then this crap.
Supergirl #18 – A convoluted mess.

The below the line books have Supergirl as a target for cancellation, Uncanny as a possible cancel, Omega Flight is over in two issues, Invincible was an aberration and Avengers Initiative is a borderline book. All in all a great week for a lot of enjoyable comics. I wish every week was this good.

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