Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Best to Worst of Last Week

This week was really a tough one as there were a lot of excellent books and quite a few really solid books, that makes it very hard to have an absolute number one. The bottom of the list also created more casualties for me. Still when you buy and read as much as I do canning a few books doesn’t have a big impact.

Flash #13 – The newest Flash dies. An emotional and surprising issue. I’ll miss Bart.
Hellblazer #232 – Diggle has upped the ante with this book. Ever issue so far has been a winner.
Alien Pig Farm #3 (of 4) – This book is so much fun and I love it. Plus Cindy lost her shirt this issue. Todd says more nakedness in issue #4.
Catwoman #68 – Very emotional and great high drama. Holly and Selina save the day, but at what cost.
Highwaymen #1 (of 5) – Wow what a great start from creators I didn’t know until now. Check this book out. Action, political intrigue, spy games and older guys.
Brave & Bold #4 – Waid is telling a good story and it is fun. Perez is one of the best super hero artists – ever! I’m thinking Absolute if this run last 12 issues with them.
Captain America #27 – I still don’t believe he is dead, but this is a good story.
Gamekeeper #3 – Best issue to date and the story has stepped up into a higher gear.
Justice League of America #10 – The end of the “Lightning Saga”. JSA/LOSH/JLA and the return of Wally West.
Annihilation Conquest: Prologue – Did its job and got me interested in what is to come.
Conan #41 – Really good issue, saved the book for me as the constant fill-ins had been killing the flow of the book.
Robin #163 – Tim’s first father’s day with Bruce. Nice and a heart felt issue.
Checkmate #15 – Penultimate chapter of the Checkmate/Outsider cross-over.
Incredible Hulk #107 – The art by Gary Frank pulled this book higher then it probably deserves.
Garth Ennis The Chronicles of Wormwood #4 (of 6) – The talking rabbit as the anti-Christ’s sidekick is so funny.
Heroes for Hire #11 – Zeb Wells has turned this into his book and the WW Hulk cross-over is working.
Ultimate Spider-Man #110 – Good ending to the “Marvel Knights” arc.
Shadowpact #14 – This is a very enjoyable series. The art could be better.
Weapon #1 (of 4) – Decent opening issue. I had low expectations and the book exceeded them.
Amazing Spider-Man #541 – Still a good issue, the story feels like it is losing its momentum.
Madam Mirage #1 – An okay opening issue. I’m curious to see how the series progresses.
Spiderman / Fantastic Four #3 (of 4) – Fun and light hearted adventure, well done.
Spirit #7 – Three short stories, all did a nice job. A great fill in.
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #53 – I’m over my initial shock of the new creative team and starting to enjoy this book again.
Countdown #45 – Weakest issue so far as almost nothing happened, but still an okay book.
Wasteland #10 – My least favorite issue of this series. I’m losing track of who is who, maybe time to switch to trades. Still a good book.
X-Men Endangered Species – Yawn. This is the launch point for what: an endless self pity party.
Iron Man #19 – Worthless book and totally redundant with the core mini-series WW Hulk.
Fallen Son: Death of Captain America: Spider-Man – Nothing ever happens in this mini-series. Semi-pretty pictures.
Army @ Love #4 – Too much and feels like a one note book. I’m done. Off the list.
Tales from the Crypt #1 – The publisher Papercutz attempt to revive this series, failed. No more for me.

The bottom of the list cost two books their lives with me. Fallen son is over in one more issue, Iron Man will be off the cross-over in one more issue and the X-book was a one shot. Where Annihilation Prologue made me want to read the rest, this one-shot has me caring less about the next segment of the story (8 page back up in 4 different X-Books).

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