Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mainstream Comics

For the past few days I've been reading through last week's comic books. As this last group was mostly mainstream books I've come to the conclusion that I'm tired of the front running comic book companies.

This isn't to say that there aren't some books that I still enjoy. However, for many current Marvel and even DC (this includes WS and Vertigo) books I find myself losing interest. I mean, the mainstream books have become seriously predictable. As much as I enjoy a good standard superhero story more and more I'm craving something different. There are exceptions of course: Fables and Crossing Midnight are two good examples. Still, so many of the books I read this week were almost tedious.

Black Canary/Green Arrow #2 was fun. Ollie running around naked while being chased by Amazons was amusing. I enjoy this book and the characters. Yet, even without reading the solicitations it's obvious that they're setting up for romantic strife between Dinah and Ollie. I'm soooo tired of this relationship scenario. Really, does anyone in Marvel or DC have a lasting relationship beyond Lois and Superman? Love makes some of the best stories out there and yet the writers seem to have little interest in keeping characters together.

Gen 13 #14 was painful. C'mon, can we please get past the stereotypical rebellious teenager act and try something more interesting. We really have a bit big of a team for them to all have separate storylines being told simultaneously. Also, I want to like the art but Caitlin's breasts should be making her fall flat on her face.... I mean, she's not even fully grown! Ugh. I hope we're going somewhere with this because I do like some of the characters on this team, but I think they need to pick up the pace on this book.

Teen Titan's East made me want to start a fire. I realize that they're trying to set up for Titans #1, but this book was everything that's wrong with the comic book industry. Gruesome needless 'deaths' of mostly C-list (if even) characters. The only character I even cared about was Cyborg. Even that felt forced though. There was no real story here, and I was fairly disgusted by the whole thing. The art was decent though. Still, is it just me or are more and more artists living in the Jim Lee/Mike Turner stylistic world of art? I mean, how many hotties can there possibly be in one world. Is anyone normal looking anymore? *sigh*

On the upside of things, Atomic Robo #2 from Red 5 Comics made me happy. It was cleverly paced and well executed on both a visual and plot level. This book and it's main character is quickly endearing itself to me and I look forward to new issues. On a cool side note, apparently a friend of mine, P. Songy, actually knows Clevinger, the writer on this book. I was pretty interested to find that out.

All in all I find myself falling away from mainstream comics in favor of the independents. I have just found that more of the independent books seem to focus on telling a good story rather that generating massive sales through various hoaxes and gimmicks.


Also, I know there's quite a lot of Ron Paul love on this blog, but I felt this needed to be shared. Personally, I think Chuck should just be added to the ticket as V. President. I bet they'd get a lot more votes, haha :)

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  1. Chuck Norris Approved - great - love the youtube and I think anyone who reads a lot of the big two eventually craves the independent stuff as they can be more daring and are not constrainted by owned characters.