Friday, July 25, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews

This was a light comic book week for me.

Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow #3 (Wildstorm)

This was a weak issue. I suppose that it, like the first issue, was just building foundations. Still, I had hoped for a bit more after last issue was so strong. This felt like a teaser for #4. Also, the giant breasts are still annoying me. The women are more attractive in this book when they're more proportionate. It really bothers me because besides that I really like the art.

Batgirl #1 (DC)

I have a hard time liking Cassandra Cain. First of all I was never terribly fond of the stitches costume. Then there's the whole turning evil thing (yeah yeah, drugs and mind control - I know). Mostly though I don't get the whole outcast Nightwing thing in this issue. I mean, it seemed like he was just cast in the role of dissenter as opposed to it fitting his character. Seriously, wasn't this the guy who vouched for Deathstroke's daughter? Anyway I wasn't terribly impressed by this book as it seemed to be formula drive. The art was acceptable.

Rouge's Revenge #1 (DC)

So far this is a cool concept. Bad guys vs even badder guy should be fun to read. I did like that Piper seems mostly back to normal. I was really fond of Piper in the Flash when he was Wally's tech guy so I hope he manages to redeem himself. Sometimes the art here was really cool (the rest of the time it was just okay) - there was one scene with Piper all cover up in his cape that was just amazing!

Batman and the Outsiders #9 (DC)

Is it just me or did I miss some sort of intense previous love affair between Batman and Looker (which is one of the worst names ever by the way)? Anyway, this was more like Batman and some background Outsider stuff. For a Dixon written book this is an odd portrayal of Batman. I keep hoping this story will get better but so far it's been boring.

X-Factor #33 (Marvel)

Okay, I know Jim canceled this book, and I was sad when he made that decision. Still, after reading this issue I can completely agree with him. What the heck was this? The art was awful! The story was shoddy, but I can lame that on Secret Invasion. I really like Peter David's work and I hope this book becomes better again because it used to be one of my favorites.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #5 (DC)

I've been having fun with this mini-series. Sometimes alternate Earth stuff is diverting without being ridiculous. This book has been fun, well illustrated and well told. Superman/Harvey Dent is awesome.

Flash #242 (DC)

Poor Iris :( I really hope there's a happy ending here.

Birds of Prey #120 (DC)

This was an okay issue but I don't understand Babs and Dinah's hostility, nor the necessity of spying on Mia. Eh. I liked Infinity though - where is she from? I can't remember if I've seen her before.

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

I can't believe I never read this book before - it was just one of the classics I missed out on in classes I suppose. What an intriguing story. Seriously, it was like watching a train wreak, I couldn't tear myself away. The characters are just so - irredeemable - and yet I couldn't help buy empathize with Heathcliff on a certain level. I'm very happy I finally read this book.

Smallville - Season One

Okay, so while I, for some reason, couldn't stop watching this once I started, I have to say - ugh. Season one at least was pretty bad - I mean there's more Kryptonite floating around than in the original Legion. This was like Dawson's Creek meets Superboy. Still, Lex Luthor was kinda cool (bizarre, but cool). I am curious to watch more just because I've been assured that it gets a lot better. By the way, the kid who plays Clark needs acting lessons =/

*May contain SPOILERS*

The Dark Knight

So Jim already reviewed this but I just wanted to say - I really enjoyed this movie. It wasn't a plot I would have chosen for a movie without giving the audience and intermission, but it was very well done. The acting was fantastic and it was a great Batman story. Also, Harvey Dent as Two-Face - wow. He looked like he walked right out of a comic book. My major complaint - they killed Two-Face! If anyone could have come back as a main villain it would have been Harvey. They could have just buried an empty coffin.


  1. I don't see that Two-Face is necessarily dead. That fall wasn't that far, and the idea of "burying" Harvey Dent was done for political reasons anyway.

  2. well, i see how they could fudge it - but I got the impression he was dead. I hope they do keep him alive, he was awesome and they did so much work building his story.

  3. Gwen, that's the impression they wanted you to have. They had to "kill" him in order to preserve his legacy.

    Look for him to reappear in the next installment. Especially now that they can't do another Joker story.