Sunday, July 06, 2008

High Rollers #1 - A Review

High Rollers #1 (of 4)

Publisher BOOM Studios

Writer/Creator Gary Phillips

Art Sergio Cerrera

Colors Andrew Dalhouse

What a terrific first issue of this crime comic. We are introduced to a lot of the main players and immediately get a read for each of them. We have a lot of action and we have the tension set-up for the rest of the series. Everything revolves around Cameron or CQ. He is the main enforcer for Trey who is a crime boss for his gang.

We start out with CQ taking out a man who has stolen from Trey and we immediately learn he is a smart and compassionate man as well as a hard man. He allows the thief to take his own life so the insurance money would help his family and it would not be a messy murder. He asks the man if he has had the life insurance long enough so the suicide clause would be voided.

Then we meet CQ’s sister whose husband has gotten into gambling debt with some bad people. She comes to CQ, who she has basically ignored for years to help. We also see that Trey thinks CQ is too smart for his own good and the issue ends with a failed hit on CQ paid for by Trey.

The art is also very well done, with great camera angles and shots that highlight the story and add to the overall impact and punch this book delivers.

High Rollers is the real deal and this is a great series that hits all the right notes from the jump. High Rollers is right up there with Scalped and is better then the very well done Criminal. Do not miss this series.


You will see the same write up on Tuesday, but I wanted to spotlight this book a little bit as it is such a terrific first issue and you would be foolish not to try it out.

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