Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

So, I just read the last issue of Thor: The Mighty Avenger and I still can't believe it's the end of the series. It was another great issue of course with a really cool version of Iron Man. Although, for a final issue, I would have preferred more focus on Jane. I saw they slapped "Limited Series" on the cover finally. We even had an unresolved mystery as to who sapped Thor's memories in the first place.

When I got to the text piece at the end, I'm still thinking that there is no way that this is really the final issue. I started to get excited when I saw the note at the bottom "Look for Thor Mighty Avenger Vol 2". Totally, disregarding all logic, I thought "I knew it, this isn't the end after all. They're going to do OGN from now on like the new Earth One: Superman series by JMS". Of course, I finally realized that they were actually talking about the mini-digest collecting the last 4 issues. Like why would I need that if I'm holding the monthly in my hands?

Then there are all these pages devoted to Marvel's point one initiative or some such nonsense. Really, why are you wasting your efforts on those books, while letting this gem die! If this is how Joe Q ends his tenure as EIC, then that's a pretty sorry note. At least we got eight spectacular issues. This series is just begging for another round. It deserves it. I still can't believe we're not actually getting more.

I feel like I did when Magnum P.I. was walking into the clouds at the end of the 8th season. Unbelievable.

Thanks to all the fantastic creators involved in this wonderful project. I hope someone at Marvel comes to their senses and starts this book up again.


  1. I do think it is ironic that when Joe Q first came onboard they were cultivating books like this one for readers and now it is exactly the kind of book they do not try to sell. They've become the establishment and it's all about the crossover now and no longer about the stories.

    I loved this book. I will miss it.

  2. While I wish Marvel have given this book a little more backing, lets not forget about the comics buying public. They don't buy stuff that isn't mainstream and crossover usually and if its "kid friendly" or "fun" then you might as well be DOA these days.

    If there's anything Marvel could have done to really help this book, it would have been to cut down on the glut of Thor books so this had a chance to really stand out instead of getting lost in the crowd.

  3. This series caught Marvel by surprise as it was intended as a Marvel Adventure book but was so good they tried to just put it out there as another Thor book. Between no idea how to market this book and the glut of Thor material this book was doomed to failure. I just wish it was given a few more issues and hopefully we get a hard cover collection of it one day.