Friday, November 25, 2011

Indies Preview Review For January Part 3 of 3

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now back to comics...

Last Gasp
Terminally Illin #1 by (w) Kaylin Andres (a/c) Jon Solo
Slightly cynical, slightly irreverent, and really hilarious, Terminally Illin' is a candid look into the life of a young adult battling cancer, but with a psychedelic-sci-fi twist! The heroine travels inside her own body with her pet battle-kitty, to take on the evil nazi tumors, cancer aliens, and The Tumornator - on a microscopic level, where cancer starts. Entering the world of cancer feels a lot like falling down the rabbit hole, think of Terminally Illin' as a crazy, chemo-induced Alice in Wonderland adventure. $4.95
Lee: Why did I pick this? Well it’s got a chick with a mohawk, a black eye, and two huge… guns. And, she’s riding a cat! What’s not to like? Actually, since the girl on the cat pretty much looks like author Kaylin Andres I betting this is punk rock chick meets real life problem in the form of cancer. AND, even though it doesn’t say it “FOR EVERY COMIC BOOK SOLD, WE'LL GIVE ONE TO A CANCER PATIENT.”
Gwen: .... Wouldn't it be better to donate money to cancer research or something? Either way - interesting idea but the art doesn't appeal to me.

Monster Mess HC by (w/a/c) Lewis Trondheim
The almost normal adventures of an almost ordinary family with a pet monster! Peter and Jean are two kids who discover they can do something incredible - when they draw a monster on paper, it comes to life! First they create a monster named Oko, who jumps off the page and proceeds to make one huge monster mess! There can be only one solution: draw a good monster. That's where Kriss comes in. With three legs, four arms, and ten mouths, can he defeat Oko? Things can only get a whole lot messier! $9.99
Lee: It’s Lewis Trondheim! What’s not to like? I have all of Trondheim’s Dungeon series and a whole bunch of his other stuff too. I guarantee this will not only be a great kids book, it will be a great book for adults too. If you love humor books then you will like this.
Gwen: This looks like a cute book. Of course I wish I could draw monsters and have them come to life. That would be awesome.

Rebellion / 2000AD
Ampney Crucis: Vile Bodies SC by (w) Ian Edginton (a/c) Simon Davis
England, 1928.Lord Ampney Crucis was a dashing, smart, and charming young man, tipped to rise to the top of high society. But then the Great War happened, and a close encounter with an otherworldly entity in No Man's Land drove him temporarily insane. After recovery, he discovered that he had the ability to sense the presence of entities that exist beyond our reality. Now Ampney investigates the rum goings-on that have begun to plague our green and pleasant land. $19.99
Lee: Between Humanoids and Rebellion the amount of Euro material in my collection has grown significantly. Edginton is a solid write and Davis’s art looks interesting. Yes another brit book in the collection for me.
Gwen: Again, the art is turning me off here. Although it does sound like a great pitch for a BBC TV show.

Russ Cochran Company
Sunday Funnies #1
Russ Cochran has been publishing books and portfolios for comic art collectors since 1971. These publications include the Complete EC Library, and now Russ Cochran is pleased to announce the monthly publication of The Sunday Funnies, a 32-page comic section which reprints the best Sunday comic pages from the late 1890s through the 1950s. Each issue will contain 32 full-page Sunday pages, full size (22x16), in full color. These will include Gasoline Alley, Little Nemo, Polly and Her Pals, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Alley Oop, Terry and the Pirates, and many, many more historic Sunday pages, presented in the format that they were originally intended for. The first issue will be a wonderful thing which all comic art aficionados will treasure! $10.00
Lee: On one hand I really, really want to get this. The chance to see the Sunday comics pages full size is really, really tempting. But $10 is a lot of money to spend on this. I enjoyed it when DC did Wednesday Comics but I’m not really sure I want to do it again.
Gwen: Umm, $10 isn't that much money Lee. I mean, I'm certain you make more than I do and $10 isn't a lot of money for me, at lease not for a 32 page color comic book. Not that I'd buy this, just saying.

Soaring Penguin
Undertow GN by (w/a/c) Ellen Lindner
Set amidst the chaos of a 1950s summer weekend on Coney Island, Undertow tells the story of Rhonda, a girl overwhelmed by events beyond her control - her mother's alcoholism, her best friend's death by drowning - and now a social worker who's intent on making it all better. “Beautifully drawn in a sinuous, sharp style, Lindner's characters are unforgettable...” Jessica Abel (La Perdida, Artbabe). $19.99
Lee: And this month’s slice-o-life pick is Undertow. It has all the elements to be a great story and I’m betting the bright colors on the cover hide a serious story underneath.
Gwen: Okay, this book does look like it has the potential to be an excellent story. I'd be curious to read a few reviews.

Lee: Overall this was a pretty good month. The picks were a little down from normal but the books were really good.
Gwen: Hope everyone had a good holiday!

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