Friday, June 01, 2018

Shelf Expression (Part 2)

Continuing my Study Shelves Showcase...

A little cluttered, but it still works.  The large blue HCs on the right reprint the newspaper strips too.  The Marvel Omnibuses are all sitting behind the first one shown.  Looking forward to the Last Jedi projection Luke POP due in August.

The two large figures were FCBD purchases for only $5 each.  The Conspiracy of the PoTA book is excellent.  The MEGOs are reproduction.  The bust is from the complete DVD boxset.  I hope that th rocks came from Point Dume Beach in Malibu (I went there) where the Statue of Liberty scene was filmed.  The sand diorama is  simple (and no longer plays), but it super cool.  I like how the hallmark figures go well with the novelization cover.  The first PoTA mag is in the far back.

My Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators collection -- these are really hard to find.  It's also the place I keep my keys, glasses, etc.  So, I won't lose them.  And my James Bond novel collection. My brother gave me Doctor No when I was 13 and that set me off to collect the rest, mostly signet series.  I love soundtrack music and OHMSS is my favorite Bond film.

Stephen R Donaldson is one of my favorite fantasy writers.  Note the mini Firestorm collection.  More misc stuff on the bottom shelf and some film canisters that will probably never be developed.  I rescued my daughter's Spider-Girl figures from the yard sale box.

Still more to come...

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