Friday, June 01, 2018

Shelf Expression (Part 3)

Continuing my study shelf showcase some more...

The Cap cars came from Walmart.  They typically have a theme for the latest movie and each one is about $1.  Love the Star Lord POPs -- they really capture his essence from each movie.   The Rogue One cast replaced the Micronauts, which kept falling down.  I need a Brody.

I bought the Action Comics cover "little" books after the disappointing 80-years HC review from last month.  I sold off some of my archives, now replaced with Omnibuses.  I wish I had gotten the Demon and OMAC Jack Kirby HCs when they were affordable. It's nice that they're on non-glossy paper.

Really happy how this one came out.  Love the Red, White, and Blue on a yellow background.  Captain America First Avenger is one of my favorite Marvel movies.  I used to love the old pocket books, but way too small for these middle-age eyes.  The Bucky Rescue Cap figure is my only Hot Toys one (I'd love to get more) and I waited a year for the Kevin Maguire sketch (totally worth it).

Michael Moorcook is my other favorite fantasy writer. The first comic that I ever got a letter printed in, Hawkmoon #3, is on the side.  I guess Doctor Strange fits in because he delves in magic??

The green notebook is my comic inventory compiled a few years ago and is where I determine my want list.  Note the Treasury editions.  It's also where I keep my church Bible.

Should be one more...

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