Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Sunday Contest

As opposed to making this a weekly event I have decided that this will be done on a more sporadic basis.

Surprisingly this blog will be one year old on August 24, 2007. It has been fun having this blog grow and mature over the last year and with a lot of help from Lee and Gwen (B6) we have managed to hopefully provide some level of amusement and information to a few people.

Two news items that I noted were of interest to me, one the Legion of Super Heroes will be 50 in 2008, so we should see a few extra Legion projects over the course of the next year. Next Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch are taking over the Fantastic Four. Now Mark Millar has not been a great writer in my book yet and has not had a true seminal run (you can argue Ultimates), but really he has been blessed with being teamed with great artists. Still if they can publish 8 issues a year and stay on the book for two to three years this could be good and maybe a career defining moment.

The Rules

The requirements are that an answer has to be in before August 19, 2007. You have to e-mail the answer and include with your answer the prizes that you want to have sent to you and your address if I don’t know it. I will only mail to USA addresses otherwise the cost for mailing becomes too high and I am giving this stuff away for free. As there are five prizes this week, you should give me a list in order of preference as to what you would like as it will be first to be right wins their first preference and then on and on from there.

Congratulations to last week's winners Jeff (who did not take a prize), Lee and Gwen.

The contest: My wife for some bizarre reason seems to think I have too many action figures (she incorrectly refers to them as dolls). I mean just because she doesn't want these things all over the house is no reason for thinking I have too many of them. Pictured below are the current relegated to a box action figures, that one day will be displayed again (I rotate who gets out for air) . Name as many of you can. Choose up to three prizes for you winning. The one who names the most wins three prizes, 2nd and third get one prize each.

The prizes are Ice Age Time Life Book, Zero Hour Mini-Series, Three issues of the old Kobra comic, an reprint of All Star Comics #4 and the Daily Planet Special Edition covering the Invasion of Earth.

Good luck. Try clicking on the picture for a larger
version of the photo.

Last Week's Answers
1) Spider Man 2) Thor 3) Swordsman
4) Hawkeye 5) Mole Man6) Enchantress
7) The Commissar 8) Baron Zemo
9) Scarlet Witch 10) Count Nefaria

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