Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sports and Living in Baltimore

I grew up in Baltimore and some of my fondest memories are going to Memorial Stadium and watching the Orioles play baseball. I was very young for the 66 World Series, but was old enough to enjoy the great three year run of 69, 70 & 71. Then in 1979 I went to probably 30 plus games and watched that improbable group go all the way to a seventh game in the World Series. Only 4 years later and we were in the World Series again. Since then nothing. At least they fielded a competitive team for awhile longer.

I moved out of the area in 1984/85 and returned in 1995. Follow your team from afar is not the same thing as having a hometown team. Now the Orioles are finishing their tenth straight losing season. We have some bright spots, Erick Bedard, Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis and one or two others, but this team has absolutely tanked, year after year after year. In April hope may spring to life again, but the Orioles are slowly but surely killing the love that I had for them. For now the Orioles are dead to me and I'm in mourning for what was a once proud franchise.

Thankfully every year as the Orioles go into a tailspin and stink up the stadium, the Ravens come out and play and usually field a competitive and sometimes superior team.

GO RAVENS - we have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl with this team.

Off the the Baltimore Comic Con today and hopefully I have some thoughts on Saturday's event for Sunday, but if I go Sunday not sure what I will be posting.

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