Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two Reviews and A Comment

Okay this just absolutely blew me away. Lee and I had both made fun of this cover when it was solicited and I continued to enjoy mocking this cover two days before the book hit the stands. The actual book is not actually the same.

What the heck happened to Batman's right hand? Apparently wiser heads prevailed before the book went to press and a little art correction and presto, Batman is no longer copping a feel on Orion's wife.

All in all I have to give kudos to DC, for getting it right. Somewhat late in the day, but ultimately getting it right.

Review Number 1 - World War Hulk #4 (of 5) Written by Greg Pak, art by John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson.

First off since comics are a visual medium, let's talk about the artwork. John Romita Jr. is not my favorite artist and I think that in every project he gets involved in his line work becomes looser and looser as the issues progress. This book is no exception and the art is the weakest of the four issues to date.

As to the crux of the story, let's see what they have wrought. Dr. Strange turns himself into a demon and physically challenges the Hulk and puts people in jeopardy. He is shown to be as brutal as the Hulk has been and then shown to not even be able to control the power he has called upon and the Hulk has to save the ordinary people. Then Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Dr. Strange are condemned by the ordinary people for their crimes. It is interesting to note the only crime they could use for Dr. Strange occurred this very issue (very convenient). Then Hulk through the use of massive torture forces these four to fight each other and at the end has turned thumbs down so that Reed Richards is supposed to kill Tony Stark.

So are their any heroes left in the Marvel Universe. We have dragged everyone through the mud and pummelled them into worthless horrible ego maniacs, power hungry, bad people.


A travesty and just brutality for brutality's sake.

Review Number 2 - Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special #1 written by Judd Winick and art by Amanda Conner.

Okay this book was flat out fun. This recalls some of the classic older weddings of super heroes in comics and reminded me a little of Reed Richards and Sue Storm's wedding. Massive amounts of heroes and massive amount of villains and a big brawl and then a wedding. Amanda Conner's style just worked perfectly with this book.

The whole wedding has felt forced and comes across as an editorial mandate, but they pulled it off and made it an entertaining and joyful event to follow. Heroes were heroes in this book.

What really made this book in my opinion was the shock ending. I leave the spoiler out, but many people may think it is a bad idea, but it really was something I did not see coming. I can't wait for the Green Arrow / Black Canary series to start to see where we go next.


  1. WWH was awful. But then issue 2 wasn't that great either. So, with odd issues being decent, maybe 5 will deliver. You're totally on the mark with the JR JR comment - it gets sketchier all the time.

    I skimmed the Wedding Special and it looked great - that was quite a Honeymoon night! It's interesting that both this and the JLA Wedding special were both kick-offs to the regular series, but unannounced as such.

    On a side note, if you'll permit me - I'd like to invite anyone in the Baltimore Washington area to see ApologetiX Saturday night in Columbia. They do Biblical parodies of classic and modern rock songs. You can download free mp3s from their website and buy tickets on-line: J the lead singer had two letters printed in Marvel Comics: Micronauts #25 and Marvel Team-up #104 or 105.

    I'm the promoter for this particular event and we've sold over 200 tickets so far. It's gonna be great. I'm hoping to put out my 8-foot tall inflatable HULK outside the church sign Saturday morning. It once graced the new cosmic comix store.

    Oh don't forget the new season of Legion of Super-heroes starts on Saturday.

  2. Matthew - Good luck with your event. Hope it is a SMASH!

  3. After reading the Wedding Planner book I'm looking forward to the Wedding Special

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  5. I'm glad that they fixed the cover - now Batman doesn't look like a serious pervert.

    Wonder Woman to Hawkgirl: "Oh great, Batman's here - now we can expect to get another of his creepy hugs..."