Thursday, December 20, 2007

Review: North Wind #1

Written by David DiGillio Cover by Andrew Huerta Art by Alex Cal Full color, 24 pages

The future: mankind has suffered a disaster. Climate change has seen the earth's temperature change due to damage to the environment. Where there was once a lush, thriving planet, there is now only ice and snow. What cities are left are buried under the surface in ice caves. Skinrunners trade valuable pelts for rations and warmth and survival. Into this violent, damaged world, a hero will rise... A new post-apocalyptic hero in the vein of Mad Max and The Road Warrior!

Gwen: This was exactly what a first issue of a new series should be - informative, intriguing and leaving the reader with a desire for more.

That said, I know this isn't going to be my favorite comic. Don't get me wrong, the story was well done, the art was dramatic and the coloring was gorgeous. It's just not my favorite genre. No matter what new twists are thrown in I just have a hard time joyfully embracing future apocalyptic world type stories. That's just a personal preference though.

Regardless of my general boredom with the genre, I was engaged and quickly drawn into the story. It had a fast pace and an exciting opening while still managing to give us insight into both the world and the characters. For the readers out there who enjoy this type of setting I strongly encourage you to add this book to your reading list - even with my hesitations I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. If nothing else I'd like to see more of the Skinrunner who was introduced this issue.

Overall, this book probably won't make my top 10 anytime soon, but I found it to be very well executed. I've had a lot of fun with BOOM produced comic books this past year, and with The Foundation and North Wind starting up in 2008 it looks to be the start of another excellent year. I'd especially like to see more work from all the creators on this book as they all do an excellent job.

Jim: I just love a good post apocalypse tale, and this should be one of them. The premise of a new ice age is quickly established. Then the story lays out the idea that people returned north as the wars on the Equator were killing everyone. We jump ahead a couple hundred years and we have our setting. Heat has become the currency in trade and a feudal society has formed in Lost Angeles. The city name is a little too cute, and the name of the ruler of the city being Slaughter-House Joe is also a little over the top, but the set-up is great.

We are introduced to the leader of a small group of outcasts, her son and his friend (a young girl), and an older Scavenger who lives in the wilderness on his own. From there we move into a confrontation between our village leader and Joe. This was a solid first issue that leaves you wanting to come back for more. The writer is David DiGilio and while he is unknown to me he is a good writer. Starting these types of stories is hard, but I think keeping a small focus when you have a large story to tell is a good way to start.

I’m saving the best for last, the art is outstanding. I have no clue who Alex Cal is, but boy can this guy draw. He has a realistic style that is rich with details and conveys both action and emotion very well. He manages to draw young children that actually look like kids and his wildlife work is beautiful. I also appreciate the fluid feel to his work which is very important in a comic book. Finally his realistic style makes you believe these people are living in a new ice age. As with any artist in today’s comics a tip of the hat has to go to the colorists (Fran Gambra & Rocio Canteros) as I could almost feel the chill coming off the pages with how well they colored the ice and snow against the people and landscape of this new world.

Go out and buy this book when it hits the stands in early January. BOOM looks like they have another winning concept on their hands. So when do we get issue #2?


  1. Reminds me of Winter World by Chuck Dixon

  2. I heard winter world was really good. I wish I could locate copies...

    Also great art by Zaffino if I remember!