Thursday, August 31, 2006

Comic of the Year

Since we are about to have a primary election in Maryland, I thought I would submit what I believe to be the best comic series of the year at this point.

All Star Superman - Truly an All Star Book.
Fell - An excellent cop book, that is so much more.
Invincible - Perhaps the best straight up super hero book on the market today.
Daredevil - Brubaker and Lark were made to do this book.


  1. at the moment my top 5 books are:

    5. the Eternals
    4. Fables
    3. Detective Comics
    2. Birds of Prey
    1. The Legion of Superheroes

  2. Jim, great picks! Personally, I can't think of any other book that belongs up there with these 4. Best books on the racks. Surprised to see another person, Cshiana, pick Dini's Tec over Morrison's Batman. What is going on?

  3. Jeff - Cshiana is mad at Morrison for changing the Batman/Talia relationship. Also most people are not as aware as you are how much Dini is lifting from his cartoon episodes.

  4. So how come no one asked the question: who is this redhead riding on a rocket at the beginning of this story?? Roxy Rocket, a creation of the animated show, lifted and pasted into the Dini tale for no apparant reason. I'm really angry about the change in the Batman/Talia relationship, but I'm told by DC employees that DC editorial didn't want Batman coming off as a deadbeat Dad. If he knew he had a son, why hasn't he done anything about it all these years?

  5. Um, has anyone actually read Son of the Demon??? WTF. Batman didn't know he had a son! Detective is a more enjoyable read than Batman right now... I don't feel as if Morrison has a feel for the character and Dini, whether or not he's pulling ideas from his time with the animated series, at least understands the character of Batman. After seeing what's happened to Nightwing, that's more important to me than brand spanking new ideas... I believe those will grow in time.