Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Best to Worst of Last Week

This was a solid week with a clear winner in my opinion and a clear waste of paper book and in between a lot of solid and entertaining books. I believe that I enjoy so many books because over the years I have developed a better appreciation of looking for what each book has to offer. Plus I believe that you have to find the good in something before going negative. It is easy as hell to just go negative on stuff (and I certainly do that at times). Plus I buy only what I think I would enjoy and therefore books that I would just crucify normally never make it home.

Crecy - A one shot from Avatar press by Warren Ellis and Raulo Caceres on art. I forgot that I ordered this and when I read it I was prepared to be under whelmed by a story of a middle age war between the French and English and was blown away. Ellis told a harsh and entertaining story of the battle between the English long bowman and the French mercenary army. I’m not a historian, but it felt accurate and was very entertaining. Certainly not for everyone as the language is harsh, but feels authentic as the story is told from the perspective of one of the thousands of bowmen.
Green Arrow Year One #2 (of 6) – Diggle and Jock are just making this series sing. Great remake and modernization of Ollie’s beginnings.
Black Summer #1 (of 7) – This is a great series and picks up from the zero issue and just goes from there. This book contains so much information and is told in such a great manner that I already want more then just the seven issues.
Hellblazer #234 – Andy Diggle is hitting two books out of the park. John Constantine as the unrepentant self-serving b*st*rd is back. Not a bad guy, just not the nicest person you would ever meet, has his own moral code.
Blue Beetle #17 – This book continues to get better and better. A great story of a boy becoming a man and a hero, full of humor, action and emotion.
Crossing Midnight #9 – This series continues to impress. A Japanese inspired horror/fairly tale written and drawn as an American comic.
Grendel Behold the Devil #0 – A 50 cent comic with very few pages should not be this good. Matt Wagner did a great intro chapter for the new series.
Invincible #44 – A great issue in what is a terrific series. The super woman from Mark’s planet was a great add. Really just buy and read this book.
Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes #32– Bedard is doing a great job on this series and telling a story of a wide scope, but is focusing on small groups at the same time.
Annihilation Conquest Star Lord #1 (of 4) – Keith Giffen writer and Tim Green II on art bringing you the ragtag “Dirty Dozen” being sent off on a suicide mission for the Kree. Reluctant hero, sarcasm and humor mixed very well. The cast is Star Lord, Captain Universe, Mantis and Rocket Raccoon and a couple others. Great start.
X-Men First Class #2 – This book is just such a terrific read. Jeff Parker does a great job of making the characters feel right and yet making them feel younger. Roger Cruz has the right touch on the art that is fun and not too cartoony, but has a light flavor of cartoonyness.
Fear Agent The Last Goodbye #2 (of 4) – This book almost is too serious of an origin for the character, but it works. Fear Agent should be in movie houses soon (I hope).
All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #6 – This is a book that I’m growing to like against my better judgment. This is an insane version of Batman, but it is well drawn and just flat out mad fun.
Amazing Spider-Man #542 – Terrific showdown with the Kingpin, but the strong emotional underpinning of that scene was hurt since we know after all of this DD has taken him out of the picture and moved him to Europe.
Fallen Angel #18 – This Shi guest star is working very well and Peter David’s sardonic dialogue for Lee made me laugh a few times while reading it.
Green Lantern Corps #14 – The Sinestro War is just that an all out war against the Green Lanterns. Much better done then WW Hulk, DC needed to market this better.
Doktor Sleepless #1 – Warren Ellis’ sci-fi series from Avatar. Interesting start, but we obviously have a lot to learn about the good Doktor and what is going on in this skewed future.
Fantastic Five #2 (of 5) – My favorite FF book that I’m reading. This is exactly the way these books should be done. Letting the heroes get older and their lives move on adds so many story elements and this book proves how well it can work.
Hellboy Darkness Calls #4 (of 6) – I finally feel like I have a clue as to what is going on and this issue was a great battle between Hellboy and a foe that could not be killed.
Heroes for Hire #12 – Good issue, middle part of a story line, but the Humbug story and the Shang-Chi / Tarantula relationship are good elements.
Teen Titans #49 – Surprising good issue that was a perfect tie-in to Amazon Attacks. I t was part of Amazon Attacks, but told its own story.
Immortal Iron Fist #7 – For what was essentially a breather issue for the regular artist, the history of a previous Iron Fist was enjoyable. She was certainly not a very moral Iron Fist.
Deathblow #6 – Not sure where this book is going, but I’m enjoying the ride. The POV I believe is Michael Cray’s and he also has no clue what is happening.
JSA Classified #28– Nice story about why a hero can’t do everything, great issue focusing on Jakeem.
Iron Man #20 – Decent issue. A WW Hulk tie-in that added to the story as well as adding to the character development of a supporting character in Iron Man’s regular series.
Testament #19 – Good issue, the Exodus story line shows promise.
Wonder Woman #11 – Not a bad issue, the first issue of Wonder Woman in a long time that I recognized her as Wonder Woman.
Superman #665 – Solid updating on where Jimmy Olsen is from and how he ended up at the Daily Planet. Busiek seems to have adopted Jimmy and has made him a project to bring into the spotlight again (no mention of cross-dressing in this issue).
Sheena #2 (of 5) – Also a book that lacks depth, but it has a hot babe in a Jungle Outfit. Actually this issue improved over issue #1 as the story is starting to build some depth to it.
Hiding in Time #1 (of 4) – Not a bad start for this series. I like the premise of hiding witnesses in time, and now they are being killed (just like now in Baltimore City), still lacked a certain depth to the story and characters.
Wetworks #11 – Good 2 part story that focused on Ab-Death and what he is or isn’t.
Ultimate Fantastic Four #44 – This book got a little better, but I still think I may drop it after this arc is over, I just not getting into this version of the FF.
Hawkgirl #66 – Okay ending for this series. Still not sure if ending the endless cycle for the Hawks was a good thing or not.
X-Men #201 – Saved from total blahness, because Cannonball and Iceman were the featured players and I enjoy both of these characters. The back up story is boring.
Countdown #40– A little better then last issue, but putting Zatanna and Mary Marvel together makes me happy as “Z” is a favorite character. Lately this book is counting down to being cancelled before it is finished.
Batman #666 – This one shot of Damien as a possible future Batman was boring to me. I guess with the number 666 they couldn’t resist a devil themed book.
Mighty Avengers #4 – I read this book and forget what happens almost immediately. This stuff is like olestra for the brain.
Incredible Hulk #108 – Total filler, what a waste of paper. It is almost like they had no idea what to do to make this book go on for 22 pages. Blechh……….

So only the Marvel below the line books are working for being cut, as Batman was an aberration story made for the 666 numbering and Countdown is something I feel compelled to continue to buy as I have hope it will improve.


  1. Alright BATMAN #666 was a wonderful one-shot and proved that a one-off can still work wonders. You need to re-read that shit again and see all the subtle hints throughout.

    ALL-STAR...I'll give this to you, it became a much better series with this issue. Still it's called AS BATMAN & ROBIN and we get BAT-GIRL this issue but no DICK GRAYSON who hasn't begun training let alone put on a costume in three years/6 issues.

    CRECY was ridiculously awesome. It's on my new review column as COSMIC.

    BLACK SUMMER may be the best new superhero series around. Ellis seems to be reinventing the superhero book every six months or so. AUTHORITY, PLANETARY, NEXTWAVE, NEWUNIVERSAL, THUNDERBOLTS...the man can see how to evolve them with a twist. This one is a big surprise. The best superhero book right now comes from AVATAR.

    DOKTOR SLEEPLESS I like but feel suffered in a week where a ton of other Ellis books came out. This is an ongoing and as such has room to grow, where his other works were one-shots or limited series.

    HELLBLAZER has been awesome.

    I got the new WARREN ELLIS novel, CROOKED LITTLE VEIN.

    If you want to you can borrow it when I'm finished. So far it's classic.


  2. I also got the Warren Ellis book and look forward to reading it, how could I not he has been on fire with everything he writes.

    Batman #666 - Maybe I missed some stuff, but it was still just a gimmick issue.

  3. Morrison made the issue fun. But I see your point that it might not sit well.

    The Ellis book has been awesome. I've laughed out loud many times and I'm only 70 pages in.