Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Not Enough Big Breasted Women in Comics

Jim: Let's face comic book companies have a tendency to occasionally ignore a certain segment of their audience and as a hetro sexual male I have grown tired of the lack of well endowed woman in my comics. I mean they have plenty of barrel chested guys with pecs that even on steroids I could not achieve, but where are the racks to die for. I mean let's face it a nice set of boobs with a little cleavage showing could go a long way to getting me to buy a comic. I mean at least let's get some comics with some a sexy woman on it.

Lee: WHAT? Once again you've gone insane. There are plenty of boobs in comics. What comic books need is a more realistic representation of a woman! Seriously, not everyone is Kate Moss, anorexic thin. We need women with flesh! And lots of it. Particularly in the bootie 'cause that's where the most flesh is needed

Jim: I know there are plenty of boobs in comics, but I'm not talking about the editors. I'm talking about tits, a rack, the boys, puppies. Come on, since Jim Balent has left Catwoman I bet she is nothing but a "C" cup. I mean we get all the butt shots in the world you could want. In fact the artist all apparently have decided that we need to see every scene from behind Ms. Marvel. We never actually see the battle; we see the outline of the battle as it is blocked by our view of her big fat butt.

Lee: Oh no no no. You've been reading to many older comics. Today it's all about the cleavage and I am sick of it. We need more "baby got back" in comics! Not boobs! Buttocks! Rump! Arse! Bum! Buns! That's what I'm talking. I want it to look like my superheroine stuffed two watermelons into her bikini bottom before going off to fight Darkseid or Thanos or whoever. I bet bad-guy-du-jour would have a lot more trouble fighting if he had a big stiffy in his pants! What we really need are more realistic costumes. Full Cup, underwire support up top and a thong on the bottom. Thongs are far more realistic.

Jim: And how about bondage. Wonder Woman used to be tied up every five minutes or tie someone up with her "lasso of truth" at least every other issue. Hardly any real bondage scenes in Wonder Woman comics. This just seems wrong on many levels
Lee: Eh, I don't know about the bondage thing. Maybe some light spanking but more than that you're really imposing your world view on everyone else. Now if Supergirl were to get a little freaky with Comet the Superhorse that would be worth reading.
ut I think you're confusing the overall issue. A big butt is way better than big boobs. AND, based upon the body types I saw at McDonalds the other day way more realistic too.

Jim: Your missing the big picture on the bondage theme. It really is what comic fans want a return to Wonder Woman's roots. After all Wonder Woman was created by a man who was known to have bondage fetishes.

The Supergirl Comet thing has some potential, but aren't you forgetting Streaky and Beppo the Monkey. Of course Supergirl spanking the monkey may not work out.

But really it is all about the boobs. CLEVAGE and more
CLEVAGE, with the nipple showing through the spandex - it is really what is needed. I think this fan base has been ignored why too long. I have included a few pictures of the publishers that have apparently agreed with my view point.

Lee: Heh heh Supergirl can spank my monkey! Uuummm I mean, horses are ok but monkey's and cats? That's just wrong. But, back to the discussion at hand. I guess it all depends on if you like tops or bottoms. Then again, the perfect compromise... make EVERYTHING huge. That way everyone wins!


  1. Seriously, you guys are just brilliant. I'm laughing my head off :D

  2. Wow.

    Just wow.

    Thanks for the laugh. =)

  3. Jim said: I'm talking about tits, a rack, the boys, puppies.

    Jim, everyone knows women call them "the girls," not "the boys." "The boys" are something else entirely, and belong to our gender, not theirs.

    But puppies? I think I just spit up in my mouth a little.

    Happy Day,
    Cheers! :-)

  4. I did not pick up Madame Mirage because of one thing and one thing only - her chest. I was interested in the story and premise, but I just couldn't make myself buy it. The chest is ridiculous. It looks like a butt on the front of her.

    But monkeys are good. No spanking though. :p

  5. Jim-

    See, if ya just stuck with the butt you wouldn't have to worry about terminology like boys or girls!

    There's no gender with an good rump!