Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spotlight Review Space Doubles the Trade Paperback


Publisher Th3rd World Studios

Creator / Executive Producer : Scott Closter

Th3rd World Studios allowed me to review the entire Space Doubles Trade. For your $20 you are getting one hell of a ride. From the first story to the last you are getting more bang for your buck that at least 75% of the books on the market. If you are a science fiction fan that this is a must read book for you. If you like me are a science fiction and a comic book fan, then the only question you have to ask yourself is when can I buy this book.

This is a FIVE STAR / A +++ / book.

First off let’s back up and talk about what is Space Doubles. Space Doubles is a sixties science fiction feast for the eyes and the mind. So much of what is classified as science fiction today is either pure space opera or good solid soap operas on a space ship (or station) with very little of actual science fiction that I grew up on. This is the Outer Limits packaged as a handy book to read and peruse at your leisure. With 12 stories you can read one with your morning coffee and another while you are on a lunch break.

As an anthology book you always have fears that half the material will be good and the rest is less than good. If you are like me you do compare story to story as you read along and think that I liked story “A” better then story “B”. What does not happen when you are reading this is that you think any of the stories are not well worth reading and a few of them I read a second time so I would slow done a little and enjoy the art. One story I was forced to “google” the name of the doctor because the name was too odd to not be purposeful and I learned something that made that story even better. Finite was a wonderful end of the human race story and one that is new to this trade. Rehab was out and out funny and just plan amusement and another new story for this trade.

I guess what I like best about Space Doubles is that when I read the stories they make me smile. I’m a science fiction fan and grew up loving Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and other authors. I have enjoyed Farscape, Star Trek and their ilk, but I have missed having a show like the Outer Limits, that was often one part science fiction and one part horror if science or other things go wrong.

Comics are a wonderful medium that is too often self limiting to being too much about super heroes. It is a medium which can tell stories in any genre and since the end of the sixties we have not seen anything like “Weird Science” or even “Mystery in Space”. What Space Doubles does is give us a wonderful science fiction anthology that is fascinating, scary and at times thought provoking and remains FUN! To me one of the best parts is the flip format of the book, where you read one half then flip the book and read the other half.

12 Stories for $20 and look at the writers you are getting: Mike Raicht ("/Exiles/: Days of Then and Now"), Leah Moore and John Reppion ("Witchblade – Shades of Gray"), Jason Hall (/"Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures" and "Hellboy Animated"/), Justin Robinson ("Heavy Metal's Fluorescent Black"), Mark Andrew Smith ("Amazing Joy Buzzards") and Scott Closter ("Eskimo Dave"). This collection also features 4 never before seen tales by Mike Baron ("Nexus"), Dwight L. Macpherson ("Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo"), Ben Raab and Deric Hughs ("Living in Infamy") and Andrew Dabb ("Atomika").

Instead of reviewing each and every story let me direct you to the complete review of Space Doubles #1 here. Which as you can see was round robin approach the Lee, Gwen and I took and unfortunately we are not able to do these as often as we would like as our real lives keep us too busy to do it right.

The second issue was reviewed by just Gwen and I and it can be seen here.

The third review was a solo review by just me and can be seen here.

We never got issues #4 and #5, but they are all packed into this trade.

Space Doubles is a high quality graphic science fiction anthology that is really worth your hard earned money. Tell your comic shop to order it today.

Or order it from Amazon here.

Tagline: Space Doubles like Doublemint Gum doubles your pleasure and doubles your fun.

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