Friday, December 24, 2010

Indies Preview Review for February 2011 Part 3 of 3

the final day...

Hill & Wang
Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth HC by (W) Jay Hosler (A) Kevin Cannon, Zander Cannon
Evolution, the most accessible graphic work on this universally studied subject, takes the reader from earth's primordial soup to the vestigial structures, like the coccyx and the male nipple, of modern humans. Once again, the award-winning illustrations of the Cannons render the complex clear and everything cleverly comedic. 160 pgs. $18.95 I highly recommend visiting Jay Hosler’s science blog here. He’s currently discussing photo synthesis…. And it’s actually interesting!
Lee: And for those with an interest in learning, or with children, this book is for you. This is a clear, concise cliff notes version of evolution. Informative and entertaining at the same time, what more can a person ask for? And, in case you didn't I highly recommend the science blog because that's cool too.
Gwen: THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I may, of course, be biased as my degree is in anthropology.

Humanoids Inc
Legend of the Scarlet Blades HC by (W/A) Saverio Tenuta
Artist Saverio Tenuta writes and paints a twisted tale of a masterless Samurai named Raido searching for clues to his bloody past in a feudal Japan ruled by spirits and beasts. Highly recommended for fans of Samura's Blade of the Immortal, Koike/Kojima's Lone Wolf & Cub, and Heavy Metal magazine. 192 pgs. $29.95
Lee: I know the art in this will be amazing because Tenuta is a master of the medium. But, as an added bonus, I've read the story is good too. Humanoids is releasing some of the best Euro comic collections out there these days. If you haven't tried any of it yet, this is a good place to start.
Gwen: I agree with Lee, this looks to be excellent. Shiny art and feudal Japanese ghost stories - sounds like the perfect book (for me).

Sky: Over the Louvre HC by (W) Bernard Yslaire (A) Jean-Claude Carriere
In this volume co-created with the Louvre museum, we go back to the very origins of the Louvre as a museum: the tumultuous years of the French revolution. It's the story of a painting of the Supreme Being, ordered by Robespierre from the famous painter David. Yslaire, one the great stars of French comics, delivers a stunning masterwork in an epic and disturbing graphic novel seeped in a dramatic and fascinating period of history. $19.99. See a preview here.
Lee: This interests me beyond the obvious reason that I live in France. The Louvre is one of the world's most renown museums with an amazing collection of art. This is a chance to learn more about it, and see some great art in the process. These books are excellent and a great addition to any collection.
Gwen: I get to visit the Louvre on my trip coming up next spring so this looks like a great way to learn more about this amazing place before hand.

Rebellion / 2000AD
Lenny Zero & the Perps of Mega City One SC by (W) Andy Diggle (A) Jock, Steve Dillon
It takes a special kind of criminal to survive the mean streets of Mega-City One. Meet Lenny Zero, an ex-undercover Judge who's always one step ahead of the game, playing mobsters and the mob alike. Slick Dickens, master criminal and style trendsetter is always ahead of the pack. In the Big Meg's Barrio Blocks, they call Carlito Agarra the Bato Loco. Carlito is just trying to make a few dishonest creds, but that's not so easy when both the mob and the Judges are always on your back! $17.99
Lee: This book kills me! A couple of years ago there was a book, MegaCity Undercover, which reprinted much of the same material... I think. I have the other book but this solicit is so vague I can't tell if I already have it. For those that haven't read this, it is very good and worth the investment.
Gwen: I don't know Lee... your comments there just make me think that these guys are reprinting some of the same material over again. Not that the concept doesn't sound... adventurous.

Teachers College Press
To Teach Journey in Comics GN by (W) William Ayers, Ryan Alexander-Tanner (A) Ryan Alexander-Tanner
A vivid, honest portrayal of the everyday magic of teaching, and what it means to be a good teacher-debunking myths perpetuated on film and other starry-eyed hero/teacher fictions; iIlluminated by the evocative and wry drawings of Alexander-Tanner, this graphic version of Ayers' bestselling education text engages while it instructs. $15.95. The artists website here with previews.
Lee: I'm not a teacher but I've always been interested in the profession. A comic book that lets me see the 'behind the scenes' of teaching is perfect for me.
Gwen: This is neat - especially as I'd like to teach one day myself. It's hard to be a good teacher - and hard to find good teachers as well. I'd be interested in reading this.

United Plankton Pictures
Spongebob Comics #1 by (W/A) Kochalka, Barta, Sikoryak, Various
Are you ready for the comic book premiere of the world's most popular fry-cooking sponge?! This first issue is a whale of a collection of comics by talented indy, mainstream, and animation cartoonists - James Kochalka (Johnny Boo, American Elf), Hilary Barta (Fear Agent), Graham Annable (Grickle), Gregg Schigiel (X-Babies), Jacob Chabot (Mighty Skullboy Army, X-Babies), and more! In this issue: SpongeBob has a recurring nightmare about his favorite cereal; Squidward introduces music to the Krusty Krab; and Mermaid Man is freaked out by a fan who wont... stop... staring! Also: Patrick and SpongeBob team up for the most idiotic joke ever; SpongeBob learns to glow; and readers are invited to draw the absorbing one's new hairdo! All this, plus a page of SpongeFunnies by James Kochalka and a cover pinup, equals a ship-shape maiden voyage! $2.99
Lee: I am shocked there hasn't been a SpongeBob comic before now. With all the marketing associated with him I just assumed there was a comic. Outside of that, I am impressed with the names associated with the project. All have experience with kids books so the jokes should be plentiful and humorous. I see one of these coming to France.
Gwen: Ugh, Spongebob. I don't understand the attraction.

Vanguard Productions
Vanguard Frazetta Classics Vol. 01: Johnny Comet HC by (W/A) Frank Frazetta Frank Frazetta's famous newspaper-strip masterpiece Johnny Comet is back in a hardcover for the first time in 20 years! But, for the first time in any collection, it is being shot from Frank's personal artist's proofs making this the best reproduction ever! This is the definitive, official edition authorized by Frank Frazetta. Relist, Previous Orders are Canceled $49.99
Lee: GAH! Lordie knows how long ago the original solicit for this book was. I thought I heard there were issues surrounding Vanguard's legal rights to publish the material. I guess it's all been worked out. I'm ordering it because I can't resist Frazetta art but I don't expect to actually see it before next Christmas.
Gwen: I love Frank Frazetta's art but I have no idea what 'Johnny Comet' is.

Lee: This didn't turn out to be nearly as boy heavy as I thought it would be, even though the first day was bad. There's lots of new and interesting stuff out there but Humanoids and NBM have me excited about February.
Gwen: I like the educational books. School would have been more fun if they'd use comic book text books.


  1. How do you not get Spongebob?

  2. The first season of SpongeBob was great! Then it slowly went downhill from there...