Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IDW Previews for December

Lee: Fair warning, light months like this make me pick really expensive books.
Thomm: I am fairly warned. Not that you pick cheap normally.

Fat Tarino HC by Wood, Ashley
Originally only available from IDW during San Diego Comic-Con, FAT TARINO collects the long sold-out Uno Fanta, Dos Fanta, and Tres Fanta art books. This huge 12 x 12 hardcover collection showcases over 350 pages of Ashley Wood art and comes with a slipcase. Previously available as a convention exclusive. Strictly limited to 500 copies, and allocations will occur. 360 pgs, 12” x 12”, $100
Lee: And here we go. I am not sure if this actually contains a story but I’m thinking not. Other than that, it’s huge, has a small print run, and looks to be not only beautiful but collectable too.
Thomm: No story, no purchase. Really, I’m not running a museum at my house. Give me something engaging, meaning a story. Not being a limited print run sort of buyer, I’m curious as to what “allocations will occur” means. Something to do with not letting one buyer to corner the market, I’m guessing.

Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths SC by John Layman (w) Alberto Ponticelli (a) Geof Darrow (c)
Detective Makoto Sato is on a quest to bring down the Takahashi crime syndicate. Sato's efforts earn him a one-way trip to a tropical getaway, courtesy of the Tokyo criminal underworld. The exotic locale? MONSTER ISLAND! Alone and facing death at the hands of both gangsters and goliaths, Sato must use his wits to survive-and enlist the aid of some most unusual friends. Join superstar creators John Layman (Chew) and Alberto Ponticelli (Unknown Soldier) for this unusual and exciting miniseries of monster mayhem! $19.99
Lee: IDW flooded the market with Godzilla books but this is the one that Jim and others raved about. I’ve been waiting for the trade and here it is. I can’t wait to read this.
Thomm: Now that’s more like it. I liked Ponticelli’s work on Unknown Soldier very much. I’ve not joined the Chew bandwagon, but what I’ve read has been interesting. And it’s a good premise, too.

John Romita: Amazing Spider-Man HC (Artist edition)
John Romita, Sr., although not the creator of Spider-Man, was the web-slingers defining artist-he made the character his own and set the tone for all that was to follow. Now, with the full co-operation of Marvel Comics and John Romita Sr., IDW Publishing is proud to present JOHN ROMITA's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: ARTIST's EDITION! This beautiful book collects seven issues, numbers 67, 68, 69, 71, 75, 84, and more, and features some of Spidey's most memorable stories, including battles with unbeatable line-up of many of his greatest villains: THE KINGPIN, THE GREEN GOBLIN, MYSTERIO, THE LIZARD, AND DOCTOR OCTOPUS! $100
Lee: I have the Dave Stevens Rocketeer version of this, Jim has the Simonson Thor version, and we both agree that these are really, really cool books. They are just fantastic to look at. And, with complete interiors you can actually read this like a comic. A very big and expensive comic but still…
Thomm: Holy crap! Six issues? That’s more than $16.50 an issue. I don’t care how it’s presented, that’s steep. Besides, I’ve got teeth to straighten. You know my kids aren’t going to let me fix their teeth myself.

Memorial #1 of 6 by (w) Chris Roberson (a/c) Rich Ellis
New York Times best-selling author and Eisner-nominated creator of iZombie, Chris Roberson, delivers a magical ongoing new series. Memorial is the story of Em, a young woman who arrives at a hospital in Portland, Oregon with no memory of her past. A year later, she has rebuilt her life, only to find her existence thrown into turmoil after she inherits a magical shop. The kind that appears in an alley one instance and disappears the next. Em is drawn into a supernatural conflict between beings that not only represent, but are, fundamental elements of the universe itself. All of existence is at stake, so there's only a little pressure on Em, the magical shop, and a talking cat. With art by the fantastical Rich Ellis, and covers by the legendary Michael WM Kaluta. $3.99
Lee: IZombie was a good book that had some plotting issues. But, this is a mini series so I am betting with a finite duration Roberson should have a good clean story to tell. I am really looking forward to this.
Thomm: You know iZombie’s still going, right? Anyway, this was the one thing in Previews this month that really jumped out at me. I’ll be on this one for sure. Based on Roberson’s work on the Cinderella spin off from Fables, I think this will be a great read.

Snake Eyes #8 by (w) Dixon, Chuck (a) Maloney, Casey (c) Atkins, Robert
Pinned down by Cobra forces and desperate to find a cure to a deadly virus, Snake Eyes and Duke must find a way to stave off the massive attack forces long enough to get to the Ray-Pharm labs. Duke, close to madness and death, resorts to dangerous measures in order to survive. Can Snake Eyes help save his fellow Joe in time? Or will the Cobra Civil War claim another casualty in the heat of battle? $3.99
Lee: Just an awesome cover! We’d had photo covers before but why haven’t we had the action figure photo cover.
Thomm: Ha! I’ll not be buying this, but this is a great cover idea. Reminds me of my nephew’s films that he made with Lego figures. Jim’s desk at work could make him some money if he put all his action figures to work as cover models.

Rocketeer: Jetpack Treasury Edition by Dave Stevens (w/a/c)
Remember when you were a kid and the big comics companies put out those super-cool, gigantic treasury editions? Well those days are back, and what could possibly be more fun than a huge Rocketeer treasury? Crammed from cover to cover with gorgeous Dave Stevens art! Added bonus-they'll fit in your treasury bags! Collecting the complete first graphic novel! $9.99
Lee: IDW has reprinted this in a couple of higher end, higher price formats that probably stopped most people from reading it. BUT, this is the perfect low cost companion to those other books. This is highly recommended if you’ve never read the series. Heck it’s worth it for the art alone.
Thomm: Yeah, this could be my jumping on point. I know the premise of the series and have seen a lot of the art at different points, but I never did get the series.

Lee: Two ridiculously expensive books and one at the perfect price point (Rocketeer.) Another great month from IDW.

Thomm: It’s amazing how a company so awash in licensed titles manages to slip in some interesting new stuff like Memorial. It’s like a movie company reliant on blockbusters putting out an indie every now and then.

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