Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2011 - Gwen

Ever since I took a new job as a teacher I've had little to know time for "just for fun" reading. Comic books at least have the merit of being quick reads so I have managed to squeeze in some reading time here and there.

My favorite comic book stuff for 2011 as follows:

Batgirl - before the new 52

Not that I don't like Babs as Batgirl traditionally but I would have embraced the move more wholeheartedly if they hadn't finally gotten Batgirl right after so many years and then wiped away Stephanie Brown underneath the cape with the DC relaunch. I had a lot of fun with Stephanie as Batgirl. I felt that not only had DC finally found a good place for Stephanie but they had also made Batgirl a fun and interesting character again. I don't have anything against Cassie but I could never relate to her the way I did to Babs when I was a kid. Stephanie was easy to relate to and I started to love reading Batgirl again because of her. I think because of this I've found it difficult to fully embrace Barbra Gordon back under the cape after all these years. I think that's it's a shame that we saw so very little of Stephanie as Batgirl.

New 52 Wonder Woman

This is the first time I've really like reading Wonder Woman. Perhaps I'm biased because I really enjoy Greek mythology (and am familiar enough with it that I probably get more of the references than some other readers of the current WW). It's like, wow, finally, a convincing back-story for Diana that also opens up possibilities for so much story - and story that you don't really see in other cape books. I mean, it makes so much better sense to have Diana as Zeus' daughter rather than having her made from clay. Especially as in Greek mythology Zeus slept around A LOT. And using this to make Hera a villain is brilliant. WW is an awesome and fun book these days, I have never before been this interested in this character.

Red String (by Gina Biggs, a web comic)

I continue to love this online comic. Gina writes a great love story that actually *gasp* moves the character's lives forward. I like that Gina isn't afraid to have her characters make mistakes and that she is a confident enough writer that she actually broke up her main character's seemingly fated love relationship. This story reminds me so much of how love works in the real world which is something that you don't find often in fiction. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy epic love stories. But usually love isn't some awesome epic story like John Carter and Dejah Thoris. It's more likely that you fall in love with more than one person in your lifetime (and sometimes you get lucky and find someone that makes the love seem like it was the only one regardless). Gina also addresses the fact that there are a lot of different types of love in the world and some love is harder in our culture than others. She has at least two gay couples and brings to light some of the struggles both gay teens and adults face today. Also, congrats to Gina on the birth of her daughter this year!

That's really it for me, I've had fun with other stuff of course but these were what really stood out as the year's best to me!

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  1. Gonna figure you meant 2011 and not 2001 :) I agree with your comments about Stephanie as Batgirl. It was my favorite read when it came out. I would save it until last to read. That is what I do with those books I love best. It was a fun book that had adventure and action, but was funny and emotional. I wasn't able to keep reading Batgirl after the change, I tried, but it just didn't connect.