Monday, January 29, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

First an update. I'm at day three of this death virus that has attacked my stomach and caused me to lose around 6 pounds in a manner I would not recommend. It must be a virus as I have apparently passed it along to my wife (sorry honey). Thanks to the people who have wished me well.

52 #39 - This book was a little slow last week, but it seems like the Question actually died last week. This book has been a really well done series and a massive effort on DC's part to make it on time (even with losing it's editor halfway through).

American Virgin #11 - Solid series. This series has managed to stay surprisingly strong given what I felt was a limited premise.

Batman and the Mad Monk #6 (of 6) - The end of the Matt Wagner's mini-series (which in truth was one 12 part story broken into two separate mini-series). Probably the best Batman book on the racks. Matt Wagner at his best.

Blue Beetle #11 - Beetle is a fun series that maintains a light enough touch and it is nice to see a new teen-age super hero floating around.

Creeper #6 (of 6) - Another mini-series closes out. Steve Niles did an okay job, but this book never hit any home runs and unless the end is unreal, is not having anyone begging for the next Creeper series (would love to see Ditko's initial run on this and Hawk and Dove in an Archives).

Deathblow #3 - Azz has made this one of the better Wildstorm relaunches and I'm anxious to see where we are going with this story. Azz's work usually works better in trades and this book maybe no exception.

Doom Patrol Magic Bus Volume 5 - Continuing the reprint of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. I think he got the DP right in that they were never meant to be anything normal. Look at the original run in the sixties and compare it to other books of the time and it was pretty far out for its day.

Hawkgirl #60 - Rumor has it the book is been cancelled. If true this was an earned cancellation. They had just revived Hawkman and tried to smooth out his convoluted past and the whole Rann/Thanagar thing messed it up again. Then focusing just on Hawkgirl didn't work as she is not the ultra-cool solo character she is in the cartoon version.

Ion #10 - This series is so hot and cold and last issue was good, that I think this issue may suck. Still the building mystery with Kyle, Nightwing, Donna and others seems to be brewing in this book.

Jack of Fables #7 - Great series so far. I believe this is part two of how Jack became Jack Frost for awhile.

JLA Classified #33 - Part 2 of Dan Slott's take on the classic JLA. Part 1 was very good, so I hope it continues. Funny how this is my preferred JLA book at this point.

JSA Classified #22 - Another part of bringing Hawkman back home. The wrap uo is in Hawkgirl #60.

Teen Titans #43 - Part 1 of the Titans East storyline. Deathstroke has a band of young villains to fight the Titans. Deathstroke is better as a Green Arrow villain. This book never quite makes me really notice it, but I never really dislike it either.

Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters #7 - Great book. I hope this gets at least another mini-series. Great use of some minor and forgotten characters.

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures #4 (of 12) - I'm not 100% sold on this book, but my daughter really likes it and it has inspired her to read some of the Anita Blakes novels, so we will continue onward. Has an odd feel to the book, but Brett Booth is a good artist.

Annihilation #6 (of 6) - This is one of those surprising mini-series that was way better then I thought it would be and has been a really enjoyable ride. Kudos to Giffen for making this what it is (man is that guy been busy lately).

Daredevil #93 - The conclusion to this arc and I suppose we will return to America. I'm not as hyped up about this book as I used to be, still decent, just not as great as some thing it is.

Marvel Masterworks Atlas Heroes - Yeah baby, this is the one. A lot of goofy stuff from the pre-Marvel days featuring their few super hero efforts. Staring Marvel Boy, Captain America, Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #38 - Carey's run on the Ultimate version of the FF. This group still has not sparked my deep interest yet. Carey has thrown a lot of concepts on the table for his first arc here and it may have been too much.

X-Men #195 - More Mike Carey work. His run on X-Men has been okay and better then some of the other X-work that I currently read (which is faint praise).

Fell #7 - Will probably be the best book of the week. Usually this is an excellent book and Ellis had to re-write the book at least once, so it must be a heck of a story. Can't wait.

Wasteland #6 - Oni's best series and one of my favorite independents. Another book I'm looking forward to.

Next month is a four week month and that means what you get in five weeks you get in four (yikes!).


  1. You can't kill the Question.

    That man is still alive.

    I'm telling you.

  2. The Question is still alive. They made it to Nanda Parbat so that means Q will be alive and stay alive but only as long as he resides in that magical land where no illness nor disease exists. Renee will become the new Q as fitting with DC's new "all white, heterosexual males are EVIL!" mandate.

  3. They are.

    I mean, look at me.

  4. I don't know. I'm a white, hetero male and people are constantly amazed at how well I treat them and how willing I am to help people in need. Must be the American Indian blood in my heritage that keeps me going over to the Dark Side.