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What I'm Getting Wednesday

Fourth week of a five week month. With so many independents on my list now days it is a mixed bag as to which week will be the biggest, but normally it is the last week, but in five week months it seems like week four is split over week four and five. Still all weeks I get a fair number of books no matter what week it is.

Action Heroes Archives Volume #2 – This is a mammoth volume of 384 pages. Essentially this is a collection of Steve Ditko’s work from Charlton Comics, containing Captain Atom, Blue Beetle work and some other stories. I am a sucker for Steve Ditko’s work and can’t wait to scan this volume. One day I get around to reading it, but sometimes just scanning these comics is enough.

Birds of Prey #106 – Continuing the Secret Six versus the Birds of Prey story arc. I really love Gail Simone on this book and Gwen and I agree, Gail should give up Gen13 and stay on this book.

Countdown #49 – This is an interesting series as it is developing. Last issue contained two storylines that we have already seen in Flash and JLA. So if you don’t read all the DCU it appears as this book is the place to watch. If you do read more of the DCU then the editor needs to add footnotes to these scenes to place them in continuity with the other titles. I think Countdown will take a few issues to really hit its stride, but so far I like this book.

Robin #162 – Robin’s battle with the Metahuman street gang called Lords of the Avenues continues. Adam Beechen has really done a great job in making this a viable series again and it really is a good series month in and month out right now.

Shadowpact #13 – Zauriel shows up as Shadowpact has a group of foes gathering against them. I have never really like Zauriel, but I’ll give Bill Willingham a chance to make this work.

Spirit #6 – More of Eisner’s Spirit by Darwyn Cooke. I really enjoy this book and felt last issue was not as strong as the first four. The premise for this issue is odd as it is about a meteorite that changes a musician and makes him blue among other issues. Still I trust Cooke to make it fun.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #30 – It is advertised as Waid and Kitson and is supposed to be the last issue for them, but I thought #29 would have been them Waid and Kitson and it wasn’t; so I’m not sure who the creators are on this book. Still this has been a good version of the Legion and I hope it continues for a few more years at least.

Superman / Batman #35 – This book continues underwhelming me. I have to seriously consider cutting this book off my list. Part 2 of the Metal Men story (who are getting a mini-series soon).

Wonder Woman #9 – Continuing the wait until Gail Simone takes over this book. Right now the Amazon Attacks story and Wonder Woman are the focus of the story line. I assume the Amazons attacking the US are going to create some problems for Wonder Woman

Infinite Crisis Series 2 – Action Figures – Yeah, I’m getting the Donna Troy action figure and when I buy a female action figure it is so close to crossing into collecting dolls that I cringe thinking about it. Plus I may get this Wonder Woman figure that is coming out this week. Also a Wonder Girl figure (Donna Troy as Wonder Girl) and another Superman and Batman figure are coming out. How many versions of Batman and Superman have been issued by DC Direct?

Wetworks #9 – I hear this book is cancelled and I understand why. It took way too long for this book to come together. It needed a strong first two issues and the book did not gel until issue #4 and it was too late.

American Virgin #15 – The continuing saga of Lee’s college years. Adam has found his “true love” Vanessa and following her as she travels. We start out in Rio De Janeiro – tough place to hang onto your virginity.

Hellblazer #232 – Constantine starts to re-assert himself. Diggle has a tough act to follow after the last two issues – himself. Looking forward to this issue.

Testament #18 – From the official hype it appears that the central characters may become aware of the connection to biblical times. This series has always been interesting because of the structure of the stories (intermingling a biblical times story and playing a similar story in a future context), but the thrill is gone at this point and I’m looking to possible drop this title.

Criminal #6 – A new story arc and a new person is featured. The abbreviated official hype “Twenty years ago, Tracy Lawless traded the crime-ridden streets of the city for a life in the military, and it’s a decision he’s rarely regretted. But now he’s walking out of the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq and back into the world he grew up in, to find out who killed his brother Rick, and why.” This is Brubaker best work and Sean Phillips is doing a terrific job as artist.
Captain America #26 – About time. I have been tired of wading through the “Fallen Son” stuff (although the Hawkeye issue was enjoyable), but I really want to see what is happening in Cap’s own book. I so do not buy him being dead.

Fantastic Four #546 – More of the FF with the Black Panther and Storm replacing Reed and Sue. Apparently the other Cosmic Comic panelists are enjoying this book and I’m barely hanging onto reading it. Definitely on my cut list and would be off my list if I ever go hard core on my list.

Ant-Man #8 – This is a book I got talked back into after I cancelled it and now I find it a really stupid little book that I enjoy only somewhat and I wonder if it is worth my $3. Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady) really is a jerk of a person and I find it hard to want to read his continuing adventures.

Heroes for Hire #10 – The Heroes for Hire are running around in the Savage Land. Zeb Wells has done a good job on making me stay on a book that I was about to drop until he took it over. Still if he could do away with Humbug I would be more appreciative.

New Universal #6 – Concluding the first arc of this series. Warren Ellis has done a great job with these concepts and Larocca does a nice job on the art (when I can ignore the game of what actor is he photo referencing).

She-Hulk #18 – This concludes She-Hulk’s time with SHEILD and this book has been already ruined as we know what happens if you read the Hulk. Now I hear Slott is off this book, looks like a book to cut soon.

Wisdom #6 (of 6) – Pete Wisdom and crew versus the multiple Jack the Rippers. This has been a fun little mini-series, but I would not sign up for a second one.

X-Men #199 – Wrapping up a three part story where Cable and Rogue are supposed to have to make life altering decisions (sure, sure, sure). Really just a build up to issue #200.

Legends of Grimjack #7 – Continuing the trade paperback reprints of the Grimjack series from first comics. A fun book by one of my favorite creators John Ostrander (w) and we may still be in the Tom Mandrake (very good and underrated artist) era.

Dynamo 5 #3 – Love this new series and look forward to each issue already. A great new team series and I have been told to read Noble Causes as it is as good and I have been told that Noble Causes is not that good by another person. Still Jay Faberer has done such a nice job with this book I should consider looking into Noble Causes again. Someone tell me the order of the trades and I’ll pick up the first two.

Fell #1 – Volume 1 – Hardcover and trade. A no brainer, a book that belongs on my shelf. Ellis and Templesmith at their best.

Gutsville #1 – The official hype “Written by Simon Spurrier, art and cover Frazer Irving. Gutsville is a town living in the belly of the beast, literally. 150 years after the ocean liner HMS Daphne was swallowed at sea, its passengers' descendants cling to life in Gutsville.” Frazer Irving art and a great premise, easy choice to try this book out.

Unique #3 (of 3) – Concluding the parallel universe story. This has been okay, but feels like a story pitch and commissioned story boards.

Cover Girl #2 (of 5) – Wow the last issue was only a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed issue #1 and look forward to issue #2.

Fall of Cthulhu #3 (of 5) – Double WOW, issue #2 was last week. I have enjoyed this tale of a man being drawn into a mystical world of horror and trying to make sense oif what is happening.

Left on Mission #2 (of 5) – TRIPLE WOW – Issue #1 was only last week. If this is a weekly series that would be amazing, but even if it is just two quick issues that is fine by me. I’m anxious to read issue #2, issue #1 was a great start and I was pulled into the story and can’t wait to see what happens next. From Chip Mosher’s (writer) comments I’m guessing the book doesn’t go where I think it was going.

That's a wrap for this week.

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