Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Books worth buying

Two Morrows is currently having a $2 back issue 50% book sale. I don't normally recommend sales but this is a really really good price and some great material. The magazine back issues include Comic Book Artist which was one of the best in depth artist/history interview magazines ever. If you want to know what it was like by the people who were there then you need to read this.

Also, they are selling lots of "Rough Stuff" and "Write Now" which are essential reads for anyone who wants to know the nuts/bolts of comic book writing.

Finally, the 50% off sale has lots of good stuff too. I ordered "Streetwise" which is autobiographical stories by various artists. The highlight is the Kirby piece but I've heard the Windsor Smith is very good too. Look for a review in the near future. I also highly recommend Mark Evanier's three books. They are very, very funny true tales about people in the industry.

The $2 sale here and the 50% book sale here

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