Thursday, September 18, 2008

Interview with Mat Broome - A Very Busy Artist

Mat come across the blog and was kind enough to give us a correction on some information and then he consented to do a little e-mail interview. Given how much Mat has going on in his life I have to thank him for giving us some of his valuable time. THANKS MAT.

Jim: You have had a varied career since you have been in the business and seem to have made you mark in quite a few different arenas. Still I'm sure that there are one or two people who don't know your secret origin. So who is Mat Broome?
Mat: Ok I can tell already this is gonna be fun lets get right to it. I'm a huge nerd who's an Art Director at Sony working on DC Comics Online with Jim Lee and at the same time doing a monthly book at Marvel. If that's not enough I'm working on a DotCom for the Entertainment business that I created as well. I'm pretty much like everyone else out there trying to live out their dreams and accomplish their goals.

Jim: Your e-mail has you as the Creative Director of My What is and where are you in its business cycle?
Mat: is a passion that Im extremely focused on. The concept is simple, it allows anyone to create their work and publish it online, but only after they have copyritten the material. Its amazing in 2008 even though people see the most profitable entertainment properties with trademarks and copyrights and still don't protect their work before they shop it around. will allow everyone to publish whatever they want and solicit their ideas in multiple formats from film, comics, music and even audio books to name a few.

I have well known celebrities like Kevin Grevious ( Under World), POD ( Sony BMG ) and multiple comic artist and novelist to be announced that are not only bringing new and original content, but also helping people get their ideas off the ground. Its truly something I think needs to happen where people can get their ideas out their and let the audience decide whats worth seeing.It will be completely independent and driven totally by user content.

I will also be launching my own original book online with motion comics as well. Its going to be a blast you guys should write some columns for me :)

Jim: Choosing between your children is hard, but what is you favorite form of creative expression?
Mat: Comics, comics and comics. I love doing games and even the entertainment work in movies and DVDs was fun, but comics are instant gratification. Doing work on a monthly basis is a marathon and one of the most mentally challenging things you could ever do. Telling storys allows you to be the director for 22 pages. There is nothing like it and when your done you know you stood in front of a mountain of words and helped fill in the illusion its a blast but I also love the challenge.

Jim: Given your background creator rights have to be something you pay attention to. As a co-creator of End League will you continue to earn some residuals off the book or what is your deal with that book?
Mat: Yes. I am still co-owner of that property and when the book goes to graphic novel I'll continue to collect on print runs etc. If we are fortunate enough to have other media then I'll be a part of that as well. I've always tried to take breaks from doing mainstream books long enough to do my own thing. Sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn't. There is no perfect recipe for doing comics and timing and market conditions are key. The End League was great because it was a good challenge to see if I could do a team super hero book that wasn't at Marvel or DC and still sell books. And we did that was a great feeling.

Jim: You said that you signed a contract with Marvel – is that an exclusive contract or just something for this new book?
Mat: This isn't an exclusive its just for the 6 book run on Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel.

Jim: I'm assuming that you had some ability to come into Marvel and negotiate what you wanted to work on. Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel sounds a little obscure. Why that project?
Mat: This was a project that I actually heard about from the writer Kevin first. We were on the phone talking and he mentioned the book and asked me if I would be interested. At the time I was working on TEL, but Dark Horse, Rick Remender and I were discussing taking the book from every 2 months to monthly. I was swamped with Dot Com and start up stuff so doing TEL monthly did not interest me at all. It just seemed like a good idea to let someone else come in and do the heavy lifting. When I heard the pitch for the book and read the mountain of research that Kevin had done on the character, the story and background I was in no matter how big or small. Joe Quesada and Tom Breevhort are actually the two top guys at Marvel and this was a project that they are very much involved with and I think its a story that needs to be told. I've read all ot of stuff online and people are a little off with the premise I think they will be surprised by the subject matter this is a different kind of Marvel book.

Jim: As I'm not an artist I find the actual art process interesting. In today's digital world more and more people are abandoning what was traditional original art and going digital. What is your process to create a page of art?
Mat: I actually still do traditional work when I do comics and trading cards. When I do my video game work I a combination of both traditional and digital finishes. I've been doing digital and traditional work for 15 years and you get VERY different results from both. Photoshop allows you to create brushes, but its no replacement from the cool things that happen when painting with real acrylics, airbrush or gouache. I love some of the digital stuff I see, but the medium IMO needs to turn the page there is a little bit a redundancy going on right now,but there is some stuff out there though that's amazing too. Like any new tool it will continue to evolve and I'll keep doing both mediums for sure.

Jim: I won't ask are you back in comics for good as you obviously have other outside ventures, instead are you committed to putting more time into doing comic art? If yes, what is next?
Mat: Right now I'm talking to a couple of writers about different projects but I still have several books to do on Blue Marvel. I really want to concentrate on doing a good job telling Kevin's story and when I get closer to the end of the series I'll probably start thinking about what next. I just love doing team books with tons of ass kicking.

Jim: Life can't just be working in a studio, what do you like to do for downtime?
Mat: Hahahah any time off I take is 100% the kids and wife. There is no time outside of that and it suits me just fine :)

Jim: Both technical skill and story telling ability has to be in any good comic artists resume. Who would you count as major influences for you in each area?
Mat: I think as far as technical skill and story telling I would have to say Cassiday, Hitch,Mignola, Leinil Yu, Gary Frank and Jim Lee.

Jim: Robert Kirkman's call to arms for everyone to do creator own books struck me as what works for one person, is not the best thing for everybody else. Any feelings on the subject?
Mat: I think I know where Roberts heart is, I also saw the blog or interview can't remember which one it was. I think for those who can they should do something of their own, and take the risk. It does help expand your knowledge of the business how it works and marketing. It can also be a two edge sword for those who aren't as established. I am however a big proponent of people and creators doing their own ideas that's why I'm putting my own time and money behind my site. Creators have to take control of their own futures, but I also understand that people have little mouths to feed and parents who are aging etc. I think ultimately these are decisions that effect everyone differently so its hard to put everyone in one category. I dont think thats what he was trying to do, but everyones situation needs to be considered.

Jim: Any character from any company that you have not had the chance to put your mark on that you hope to get a shot at someday?
Mat: Oh heck yeah. I should be doing Iron Fist vs. Wolverine or Dr.Strange. Heck bring that on I don't care how many copies it sells.

Jim: Do you have any writer/artists dream projects that you want to get to?
Mat: I dont know so much about projects, but wait a minute I would like to do something with Batman and Catwoman, or The Incredible Hulk that would be fun.

Jim: How do you think the industry will look in 10 years? Will monthly comics still be the backbone or has the digital age changed everything?
Mat: I think there will still be monthly, digital and electronic hand held options and games as well. Every industry must evolve and online will help bring more diversity to the business. One of the big set backs in years past has been getting the product to the consumer weather it was a shortage of stores etc., but the internet is going to change that forever and I want to be there.

Thanks again Mat.

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