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Indie Preview Review For November Part 1 of 3

Lee: I wish I had never started this monthly review. It seems to take more and more time every month. Mostly because I find better and better things to read. Since I’ve started this, the Indies have devastated my budget.
Jim: I know exactly what Lee means when it comes to destroying budgets, still it has also provided hours of pleasure.

Active Images
Tim Sale: Heroes, Villains & Babes Sketchbook by Tim Sale
The perfect supplement to the Image reissue of Tim Sale: Black and White, the Tim Sale: Heroes, Villains & Babes Sketchbook is a 7 x 11 booklet featuring a selection of high-quality ink-and-wash drawings and pencil sketches, with notes by Tim. Color flip covers are provided by Sale and Captain America: White colorist Dave Stewart. Pages: 40, 7x11, SC, B&W, $25.00
Jim: I know, I know, I choose an art book, but if hadn't picked it, Lee would have. Love Tim Sale and I love the price point.
Lee: Suddenly a 40 page book of pinups for $25 is a good deal? The original book was a 9” x 12”, 272 page, HC for $40. I think you got confused on what was a good deal.

Adhouse Books
Mesmo Delivery Vol. 01 GN
By Rafael Grampá
Mesmo Delivery is the full-color debut sequential work by Brazilian creator Rafael Grampá, part of the team that created the Eisner-nominated anthology 5. The story is one of mystery and action, as Rufo, an ex-boxer, must deliver a load of goods while promising to never open or inspect his cargo. Mayhem ensues as the precious cargo becomes the goal of others. Wizard calls it Convoy meets The Twilight Zone." Visit Grampá here and download previews here
Pages: 56, 7x10, SC, FC, $12.50
Lee: I love the art in the previews. If you don’t normally look at all the link then skip the rest and get the preview. Everyone knows I’m a huge art guy, and based upon some of the other great South American artist (Carlos Meglia), I’m sold. It’s a little pricey but so worth it to see something new.
Jim: So mine is too pricey for a high quality artbook but yours is okay. I've got your number.

Venice Chronicles HC By Enrico Casarosa
Take a stroll through the side streets and canals of Venice in this colorful graphic novel, meeting at the intersection between Carnet De Voyage and Love Story. Enrico Casarosa lives with his wife and newborn daughter in beautiful San Francisco, he's been working in the animation industry for more than ten years, drawing storyboards for feature films. A story artist at Pixar Animation Studios, he finds folds of time to keep personal projects going: drawing silly autobiographical comics, making illustrations for exhibitions, designing art books and keeping up with his blog. Whenever possible he escapes on a trip with a trusty sketchbook and a set of watercolors. The Venice Chronicles is a travelogue in pencil, watercolor, and varying shades of silliness. Visit Casarosa here and download previews here
Pages: 144, 6x8, FC, $19.95
Lee: If he’s working at Pixar then he has to know how to draw. And, if he learned anything from them, I’m sure it’s how to tell a humorous story. I’m looking forward to getting this too. Adhouse is quickly becoming another trusted name in independent books.
Jim: All of your points are valid, but it still looks a little too young for me, but maybe a great book to share with your children.

Amaze Ink / Slave Labor Graphics
Lulu & Mitzi Vol. 01: Best Laid Plans SC
By S. Eddy Bell
Imagine if Lucy and Ethel worked in the world's oldest profession. Lulu and Mitzy are young, illegal immigrants trying to get by in San Francisco, even if that means pulling every scheme imaginable. It's a rough and tumble existence filled with wannabe artists, sex workers, low-lifes, and the type of fringe elements that can only exist in San Francisco.
Pages: 128, 6x9, B&W, $10.95
Lee: Somehow I don’t think this is a serious book. In fact, I think it’s far from it. I am curious to see how you find humor in the situation but it sounds funny.
Jim: What is mildly disturbing to me is that this is volume 1. While it certainly sounds like a good come on, not sure I’m buying what they are selling.

Arcana Studio
Gauze #1 by Gerrin Tramis & Dave Hamann
Elizabeth Morgan has been on the run from a serial killer for the past two years. Under the protection of the police, Elizabeth relocated to New York City to await the killer's apprehension. But after the murder of a young girl and her parents on the outskirts of Nashville, Elizabeth must once again leave everything behind and seek safety in a new life! $2.95
Jim: Sounds like a great premise and Arcana has been generating a lot of books that I have found interesting. I find myself going further and further to the indie side of the coin lately.
Lee: This might end up being a theme in this months reviews, but it seems to me that American comics don’t do women characters very well. They do women superheroes just fine but not real women. This character sounds like a victim and I’m not sure I want to read about that.

Greatest American Hero #1 By Katt, Folino, O'Reilly & Hilinski
After 25 years, The Greatest American Hero returns with all new original stories and adventures! Stephen J. Cannell's beloved cult classic makes it debut to the comic book world courtesy of The Greatest American Hero star William Katt, along with acclaimed writers Christopher Folino (Sparks), Sean O'Reilly (Kade), and Derek McCaw (Tony Loco)
Pages: 32, #1 of 6, FC, $3.50
Jim: Well with Chris Folino and William Katt being involved (Sparks) how could I say no. It will be interesting to see where they take this concept 25 years later.
Lee: This is definitely a cult favorite. The question is which GAH do they use, the original “I don’t know how to use my powers” or post shark jumping “I know how to use the suit” GAH? Because I’m a humor guy, I’m hoping for the first.

Blind Ferret Entertainment Inc
Least I Could Do Vol. 01: Jesus Made Me Do It SC By Ryan Sohmer & Lar Desouza
Love means never having to say you're sorry. Casual sex means never having to say anything at all! And so goes the forward thinking of Rayne Summers, the 24-year-old corporate executive at the heart of the Least I Could Do universe. A sex-obsessed Narcissist who uses his charm, humor, and vivid imagination to enjoy life as much and as often as he can possibly manage, Rayne's own happiness, often at the expense of others, comes first. Joining Rayne in the majority of his adventures is Noel, a successful engineering consultant, who tends to go with the flow of things, as he long ago learned the futility of resistance. Best friends Mick, Issa, and Rob round out the group, but don't nearly complete the cast. Visit the webcomic here
Pages: 128, 9 x 5, FC, $11.95
Lee: More webcomics come to print. It’s amazing with all the great strip material out there that newspaper still stick to Peanuts and Garfield. Read a couple of the strips and you will know if this book is for you.
Jim: It is amazing that newspapers have so much more to be able to offer their readers with all the great web comic strips out there and they stick to the same old stuff. No wonder newspapers are dying.

Bliss On Tap
God the Dyslexic Dog Vol. 02 SC
By Brian Phillipson, Philip Phillipson & Alex Nino
Evolution is out of control. Darwin has taken over heaven. Pandora's Box has been re-opened. God the Dyslexic doG - the Pet of Man - has returned. What could go wrong? This all-new graphic novel is 112 pages of fully-colored psychedelic pleasure and includes an exclusive Alex Nino pencil sketchbook, an introduction by Eisner Award-winning artist Steve Leialoha, and a Volume 2 story script! Dogma just took a bite out of your Karma! The official site here and the blog with cool previews here
Pages: 112, 10.5 x 6.5, FC, $19.95
Lee: I have a couple issues of the original series and I really enjoyed it. Nino is still at the top of his game artwise and the story was pretty good. It was good but slow. I’ll pick this up, once again solely because I love my Nino art.
Jim: I can not buy a book 100% for art, unless it is just an art book. I need more of a story and this doesn’t sound like it would interest me.

Bluewater Productions
Blackbeard Legacy #0 By Mike Maydak
This special zero issue features Bluewater's favorite swashbuckler! Hanna has pillaged and plundered to the top of her profession. But has success caught up with her? Now a bounty is on her head with every cutthroat scallywag aiming to collect. Will she keep her head - or lose it like her father before her? FC, $3.99
Lee: I really wanted to see more of Maydak’s art but I couldn’t find anything online. Which is very disappointing. How many times have we said that artists need some presence, no matter how small, on the web? Sheesh. But, baring that I like the distorted effects on the cover. I just wonder what is on the inside.
Jim: For a small press book to not have something out on the web is just begging for failure, not that the opposite is a guarantee for success.

Book Palace
Frank Bellamy's King Arthur & His Knights SC By Frank Bellamy
Collected in one volume for the first time since their initial publication in 1956, all of Frank Bellamy's legendary and elusive King Arthur strips from Swift. Frank Bellamy was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, comic strip artists of his time. This volume brings together all 80 pages (the complete story) of King Arthur and His Knights, uncut as it first appeared over 50 years ago. The artwork has been digitally scanned and restored, and the reproduction presents Bellamy's stunning art to best effect. Following his amazing pen and ink work on King Arthur, he went on to illustrate Robin Hood, Marco Polo, and many other superb strips. Also included is his complete 40-page story strip of Swiss Family Robinson. The book will appeal to fans of Bellamy's art, fans of the King Arthur legend, collectors of classic British comic strips, adults, and children of all ages.
Pages: 134, 12 x 9, PC, $24.99
Lee: I got the other Bellamy book, Robin Hood, we recommended and it beautiful. It reads like an old Prince Valiant strip but it was awesome to look at. I’m sure this will be more of the same.
Jim: If I was not committed to so many other books I would be getting this book, it sounds great.

Boom! Studios
Farscape #1 by Rockne O’Bannon, Keith R.A. Decandido & Tommy Patterson
Television's science fiction masterpiece Farscape returns! Farscape creator Rockne O'Bannon teams up with Farscape novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido (House of Cards) to continue his creation in comic book form right where the Peacekeeper Wars left off! Find out what's in store for John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Rygel, Chiana, and the rest of the Moya crew! Do the comics tie into Sci-Fi Channel's upcoming webisodes? You know it, 'Scapers! Don't frelling miss this! Available with covers from Joe Corroney, Dennis Calero, and a photo cover from the series. $ 3.99
Jim: Farscape was in my opinion the best science fiction series on TV, so I'm very happy to see it back as a comic especially with Rockne O'Bannon being involved.
Lee: Another cult hit. I’ve see 15 minutes of the Farscape television series and that’s about it. You’ll have to trust Jim’s opinion on this one because I know nothing.

Cartoon Books
Rasl Vol. 01: Drift SC
By Jeff Smith
Cartoon Books proudly presents Jeff Smith's new adventure series - RASL - a stark, sci-fi series about a dimension-jumping art thief, a man unplugged from the world who races through space and time searching for his next big score - and trying to escape his past. In this first of three graphic novels, Rasl faces an assassin's bullet and stumbles across a mystery that not only threatens to expose his own illicit activities, but could also uncover one of the world's most dangerous and sought after secrets! Pages: 112, 9x12, B&W, $13.00
Lee: The first trade of the new Rasl series. The first issue was very well received so I’ll be getting this. I am surprised they didn’t go with a hc too.
Jim: All the reviews I heard on this series were horrible; I will not be getting this trade.

Checker Book Publishing Group
Ruse Omnibus Vol. 01 SC By Mark Waid & Butch Guice
As the world's greatest detective, Simon Archard long ago lost interest in crimes that present to him absolutely no challenge - but when a sudden spate of extraordinary homicides and impossible events threatens the gas-lit streets of Partington, only Archard and his partner Emma Bishop can separate the guilty from the innocent! This edition collects issues #1-17 of the Eisner and Harvey nominated series which served as the flagship title for the innovative comic book company, Crossgen.
Pages: 500, 7x10, FC, $34.95
Lee: LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. I got the trade of the first six issues from the library and I was dying to read more. Do I really need to say more than Mark Wait and Butch Guice. This was a masterpiece. These reprints are a great bargain I can’t wait to get my copy.
Jim: This was a great series and this maybe a must buy.
Tomorrow Part 2 of 3

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