Friday, December 02, 2011

RIP Coach I

March 4, 1924-November 29, 2011

Coach I was my track and cross country coach at Franklin and Marshall College. He retired the same year I graduated, 1989. He was a great coach for a kid like me. I was of middling talent at best but he put me through my paces the same as any of the top guys on the teams. I never did much for the teams in terms of scoring (I think I scored all of 1 point in my 3 year track career), but he did a lot for me by allowing me to be a part of the team.

I would still see him when I returned to campus for reunions, both for my class and my wife's class. Any major event like that at F&M would find him around campus. Retirement didn't keep him from being a fixture of the place, and it won't be the same going back with him not there. Of course, he'll always be there to me.

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