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Indies Previews for October Part 1 of 3

Lee: It was fun having a month off.  Actually it was a much needed break.  The thing I missed the most was the Indies preview selection.  So, on short notice, let me catch up.

:01 First Second
Tune: Vanishing Point SC by (w/A/C) Derek Kirk Kim
Andy's life is going nowhere, fast. He left art school with his career all worked out ahead of time, but to say it didn't work out is the understatement of the century. Unemployed and living with his overbearing parents, Andy struggles to keep sight of the lofty goals that once drove him. But it's hard, even when he reconnects with his old art school crush, Yumi. Things look better, briefly, with Yumi back in the picture and an actual job offer on the table. But then Andy takes the job offer - to work at a zoo - and finds himself in an alternate dimension. The zoo? Is run by aliens. The exhibit? Is him. FC, 6x9, 160 pgs, $16.99
Read the first issue here.  Visit the artist here.
Lee:  Sometimes you just need a fun book that helps to pass the time.  This looks like that book.  Nothing deep, nothing meaningful, just a whole lotta laughs. 

Arsenic Lullaby Publishing
Arsenic Lullaby (Pulp edition) by (w/a/c) Douglas Paszkiewicz
Eisner and Harvey Award Nominated darker than dark humor. Cthulhu argues with a newspaper editor about how Satan isn't as cool as him, an magical talking Donut refuses to take part in a company commercial. Shrewd writing, bizarre stories, and skilled illustration are the reasons Arsenic Lullaby is known as The King of Dark Humor. PC, 56 pgs, $9.99
Lee:  I am always up for new Arsenic Lullaby.  I got the collected edition last year and I loved it and now I am always on the look out for new material.  Great stuff if you like your humor black.

Avatar Press Inc
Fashion Beast #2 by (w) Alan Moore (A/C) Facundo Percio
Alan Moore and Malcolm McLaren's historic re-imaging of Beauty and the Beast continues! Doll doesn't fit in anywhere. And when fate seems to wash her in the direction of the mysterious unseen benefactor, Celestine, she discovers that the all-too glitzy fashion world with its glamour and excess is home to a brand of horror that the self-obsessed ignore until it is too late. Stunningly illustrated by Facundo Percio and scripted by long-time Moore collaborator, Antony Johnston, this series delivers Alan Moore's vision down to the letter and will change the way you look at fables for the rest of your life! Available with a Regular or Wraparound Cover by series artist Facundo Percio or Haute Couture Incentive (by Percio) or the very rare Tarot (by Paul Duffield) Incentive cover. $3.99
Lee:  Let's be honest, there's a good chance Alan Moore is starting to lose it.  His last Avatar book was, to be kind, less than impressive.  So why am I talking about this?  Because it's scripted by Anthony Johnston so the words will be good.  And the art... oh wow the art looks great.  Maybe I can still order the first issue from my store.

Blank Slate
Silver Darlings GN by (w/a/c) Will Morris
Of all the superstitions held by the crew of Dunure fishing boat The Silver Darling, the most perilous of all is that under no circumstances should a white-handled knife ever be carried on board. Ignoring this generation-long tradition, Danny, the latest to help out the family business, steps onto the boat with a mop top, oil-skinned jacket, and an ivory-handled knife. Determined to bring an "enlightened attitude" aboard, Danny is biding his time until he moves on to college in Glasgow 60 pgs, $14.99  See a preview here.
Lee:  This is one of those books that I am dying to see.  The art has an angular style that reminds me of Teddy Kristiansen.  And it just... just sounds interesting.  Blank Slate is a UK indie publisher that is getting more and more of my money these days.

Boom! Studios
Adventure Time Vol. 01 SC by (w) Ryan North (A) Shelli Paroline (C) Chris Houghton
It's ADVENTURE TIME! Join Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and Princess Bubblegum for all-new adventures through The Land of Ooo. The top-rated Cartoon Network show now has its own comic book! Don't miss the first collected volume of this critically acclaimed all-ages classic that has fans and critics alike calling it the best new comic of 2012! FC, 128 pgs, $14.99
Lee:  All three kids read this and they love it!  Do you really need a better recommendation than that?  How about my wife, who doesn't read comics, read an issue and begrudgingly admitted it was good.  If you like the show then you will love it.  If not, then you will just like it alot.

Drawn And Quarterly
Pippi Longstocking Vol. 01: Pippi Moves in HC by (w) Astrid Lindgren (a/c) Ingrid Vang Nyman
Pippi Moves In marks the first time that the legendary Pippi Longstocking comics by famed children's author and creator Astrid Lindgren and Danish illustrator Ingrid Vang Nyman will be published outside of Scandinavia in thirty years, as well as their first ever publication in English. The outspoken strong-girl with the carrot-colored pigtails and the mismatched socks has enthralled generations of children the world over with her fabulous exploits at Villa Villekulla, where she lives with her horse and monkey.The comics are re-imaginings of the classic chapter book stories and were originally published in the Swedish magazine Humpty Dumpty in 1957-1959, a decade after the original books. The comics spotlight both Lindgren's brilliant writing and Vang Nyman's bold bright colors that seem presciently and eerily modern. $14.95
Lee:  Why did I pick this?  Well, Tiny finally found Pippy at school and she said Pippy was awesome.  Soooo, this is coming home because I can't miss a chance to link comics and fun. 

Dynamic Forces
Watchmen Toaster
This is the 1st in a line of collector toasters from Dynamic Forces! The Watchmen toaster will brand an iconic image of Rorshach's trademark face mask onto slices of bread to make a fun impression on your breakfast, lunch or midnight snack! The extra-wide slots allow you to not only toast bread, but also bagels and more. UL tested and approved, it includes illuminated function buttons for cancel, reheat and frozen. The toaster design is a beautiful glossy black finish featuring the logo from the Warner Brothers motion picture. For those looking for full authenticity, make sure to serve your toast with beans, cold from the can! $50
Lee:  I am sure you've already heard about this but just in case you haven't... WTF!  A $50 Watchman toaster?  I don't even know where to begin with this disaster.

Bigger and better tomorrow... or more of the same.  Who knows.

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  1. Now, Battlestar Galactica should sell toasters. That would make sense.