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Indies Previews for October Part 3 of 3

The conclusion.
Treasury of a Victorian Murder Compendium Vol. 01 by (w/a/c) Rick Geary
In this first omnibus volume from Geary's increasingly storied Treasuries of Murder: the first trilogy of murders that made up the very first volume of this series, Jack the Ripper as only he can narrate it, The Beast of Chicago about H.H. Holmes, possibly the first serial murderer with chilling methodical means and The Fatal Bullet about the assassination of president James Garfield. 6x9, B-W, 228 pgs, $24.99
Lee:  Jim and I have been reading books in the Victorian Murder series for years so now is your time to catch up.  This are incredibly insightful books about true crime.  Very often, gruesome true crime!  This is highly recommended for everyone.

Nobrow Press
Leeroy and Popo GN by (W/a/C) Louis Roskosch
The hilarious misadventures of a 20-something bear who smokes weed, fails with girls, and plays way too much Nintendo Wii. 52 pgs, $13.95  Visit the artist here.
Lee:  A look at slacker culture from a distinctly English perspective.  Or maybe slacker culture is slacker culture no matter where you live?  Who knows, but I will tell you that I love this kind of humor and the art looks just delightful too. 

PS Artbooks
Roy Thomas Presents The Heap Vol. 01 HC
Comics' original muck monster, The Heap, returns in this, the first of a three volume set collecting his original adventures! Featuring art by Infantino, Starr, Bolle, Peddy, Leav, Barry, and more, Roy Thomas Presents The Heap Volume 1 boasts a new cover by Michael Ploog and a 5,000 word introduction by Roy Thomas. $47.99  You can read a Heap story with art by Infantino here.
Harvey Horrors Collected Works: Chamber of Chills Vol. 04 HC $47.99
Lee:  Before the Man-Thing, before Swamp Thing, the first ever oozing muck monster was The Heap.  And for the first time ever (this century) his adventures are collected in a wonderful hardcover.  Yes it expensive but it should be worth it.  If you are minding your pennies, you can also get the Chamber of Chills HC.  It collects the best horror series outside of EC Comics ever published.  It's all good.  Expensice yes, but very good.

Rebellion / 2000AD
Tharg's Creepy Chronicles GN by (w) Mark Millar (a/c) Frazer Irving
From the deepest, darkest recesses of the Nerve Centre vaults, the eerie alien editor of 2000 AD known as the Mighty Tharg presents some of the creepiest, kookiest tales to terrify this Halloween. $19.99
Lee:  This collections are always fun.  Think EC done the British way and you have a good idea what this is about.  Not to mention art by Irving, Kevin O'neill, and Cam Kennedy.  This is a can't miss proposition.

Sparkplug Comic Books
Nurse Nurse GN by (w/aC) Katie Skelly
If you are not familiar with Katie Skelly's Nurse Nurse minicomics series, you are in for a double treat. Not only will this epic space adventure thrill you, Sparkplug is collecting all eight issues into one compact and easy to carry graphic novel! The story starts out with the main character Gemma travelling to her new assignment on Venus. She soon discovers a mysterious substance that is having an amorous effect on the Venusians, but is it a conspiracy, or just science? And what's with the butterflies? 5x7. B-W, 160 pgs, $15.00  Visit the artist and see previews here.
Lee:  Well, after reading the previews, I certainly didn't expect that.  This is a silly, good time space adventure comic with a dash of girly romance in it.  It's awsome!

Twomorrows Publishing
Best of From the Tomb SC
Since 2000, From The Tomb has terrified readers worldwide, as the preeminent magazine on the history of horror comics, with stellar writing and intensely frightening illustrations from the best talent in the industry. Produced in the UK, issues have been scarce and highly collectible in the US, and here's your chance to see what you've been missing! TwoMorrows Publishing brings you this "Best Of" collection, compiling the finest features from From the Tomb's ten years of terror, along with new material originally scheduled to see publication in the never-published #29. $27.95
Lee:  If you to read about the books of long ago then this is the magazine for you!  This focuses on all the monster comics from the Golden Age to present day.  I have many of the original issues and this is a great way to catch up on what you missed.

Vanguard Productions
Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage SC
Margaret Brundage changed the look of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Horror with her alluring sensationalistic covers for the legendary pulp magazine, Weird Tales. She was the first female cover artist of the pulp era and the first to paint Conan! Decades before the gothic fetish craze, her provocative paintings featuring semi-nude young women bearing whips, became a major controversy. This is the first book devoted to this noted artist. All editions feature big, 9 x 12 lavish illustrated, full-color pages with art and text. 8x11, FC, 134 pgs, $24.95
Lee:  I've heard Brundage referred to as the "Frazetta of the 1930's" and that is a perfect description.  You've probably seen her art and never known who the artist is.  This will be fantastic and well worth it if you love illustration art.

Well, that's all for this month.  More shortly and maybe even another commentor!

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