Thursday, January 03, 2008

General Question About Society

Here's a question to ponder... Are we really a global society? Are we really the big happy village the pundits always call us. I ask the question because I really wonder.

I wonder how happy everyone is.

I wonder if things are as good as 'they' say.

If we are a big happy village then why do we, as a society, allow some of the bad things that happen to happen? Why don't we stop them?

For example, why does society have a perverse fascination with serial killers. There are more and more movies made about them everyday. Every time one appears and shoots up a school, or a mall, or a church they become instantly famous. Why do we as a society allow this happen?

In the original serial killer movie, 1931's "M" by Fritz Lang, the village bands together to stop the evil. All the townspeople, both rich and poor, even police and criminal, gather together to stop the cancer within their village. In today's movies, the killer not only gets away but he gets sequel after sequel after sequel. There are websites dedicated to Hannibal Lector and Jason from Friday the 13th.

Today's village is much larger, but are we really a village? Do you know your neighbor? How is it that you can't walk in your backyard without being seen by 5 people, but Jeffery Dahmer can use power tools in the middle of the night and no one notices anything?

Are we a society or just a really big group of self absorbed, narcissistic, consumers who think of nothing but purchasing the lastest instant gratification fad?

It is just a question.

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  1. But what does this have to do with the Justice Society?

    Just kidding... you raise some good points about our screwed up species.