Friday, May 30, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews

I received two weeks of books (and then some) in the mail today. Here's what I've managed to get through so far!

Green Arrow and Black Canary #8 (DC)

This was a 'meh' issue. Overall I've been loving this series, but the art was off at times this issue, and the big reveal this time wasn't as humorous (or interesting) as the alien one previously. The thief working with the Arrow crew is interesting but the puns this issue killed me (in a bad way). Also, I have yet to warm up to Mia. I'm not really sure why.

Titans #2 (DC)

Awful. The art is way to light and sketchy for me to take this book seriously - and lets face it, if Trigon's our main bad guy maybe some amount of seriousness would help while attempting to get into the plot. This version of Raven the high school goth also keeps throwing me off. Maybe it's just me but it seems like Winick is making fun of the Titans more than anything else - and considering that most of them are characters I value I don't find these spoof versions terribly amusing. I also liked Donna's galaxy type costume much better then the new red starred one. Anyway, the story could be interesting if the dialog wasn't off and the art wasn't... for lack of a better word... catty.

Wonder Woman #20 (DC)

What a cool issue - this looks to be an interesting story arc. The opening scene with Diana facing a pack of diseased wolves was masterful and touching. Diana's encounter with Beowulf was intriguing, and the overlaying plot, while still unfolding, was but subtle and intriguing. I haven't ever read an issue of Wonder Woman that I have so throughly enjoyed. It seems that Gail Simone has found Wonder Woman's voice.

Casey Blue #1 (WS)

This comic book may end up being fantastic... but after this first issue I couldn't care less. Mostly because I have absolutely no empathy whatsoever for the main character. Even the opening line managed to put me off of this story, "There's nothing sadder than a teenager's funeral." Really, I can think of plenty of sadder things. It would have been better to use 'child' instead of teenager - it would have worked better. Casey is pretty, popular, a jock and someone who mainly reads, "Seventeen and sometimes I look at pictures of Brad Pitt... This intellectual stuff makes my head hurt a little." Gag. Casey was apparently one of the girls I hated in high school. Maybe I have yet to witness any of her redeeming qualities, but right about now she's fairly uninteresting. The ending was at least mildly intriguing, if only because it leaves the reader wondering what the heck is going on. It's hard to anticipate another issue of stereo typical high school pretty girl though. Also, the art is pretty but the breasts need to be toned down a tad. Only on the teenagers though - just to make them look younger. The way they're drawn they look like they should be out of high school. Still, beyond that I enjoyed the art work.

Dynamo 5 #13 (Image)

This book is always a fun read - even when it's serious. Spencer's origin was entertaining. As much as this was a downtime issue it answered some questions and sets up for the next story arc. This was such a novel idea for a team book and I'm glad it's come together so well.

Birds of Prey #118 (DC)

This was a good issue that let us explore the relationship between Black Alice and Misfit further. I really like both of these girls and enjoy seeing stories about them. Misfit herself is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters.

Twilight Guardian >Pilot< (Top Cow)

Huh. This was... unique. I can honestly say I enjoyed reading this book and I really related to the main character - if I didn't have a boyfriend I could have easily ended up living her life. The art was great. However, I'm not sure where Hickman is going with this. The premise is enough that I'd like to read more but it has to be going somewhere if it's going to be a truly good story - and at the moment there's no indication of it going anywhere at all. Still, seeing how the main character is an alternate reality version of me (along with Dark Angel ;) ) I would like to read more.

Robin #174 (DC)

So Stephanie is alive. Okay.... sure. I enjoy Robin, but I was never all that into Spoiler before, and I'm still not terribly excited by the character. I trust Chuck Dixon though, so I'll see where it goes.

Batman #676 (DC)

Okay, I'm still not terribly impressed. First of all Jezebel Jet is a truly ridiculous name.... but so was Silver St. Cloud so I can get over it. I have a feeling that if I'm to appreciate this Batman RIP story at all it's be after everything is said and done. The Joker was appropriately creepy though.

Echo #3 (Abstract Studio)

Another solid issue of Terry Moore's latest endeavor. In meeting Julie's sister, Pam, we learn a little bit more of her situation. We also meet the other witness to Annie's death and see that he's of a different mind about his experience than Julie. I really like this series so far.


  1. If you're actually an alternate universe Twilight Guardian, Gwen, maybe we can get you to play her in the movie. Do you own a hoodie?

  2. I totally do, sign me up ;)