Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No, What I'm getting on Wednesday, September 15

Hey all, late night after the Ravens game and have a busy day today, so its time to do it Jim style and complain about getting those kids off my lawn. I mean,take a look at what I’m picking up this week.

BATMAN BEYOND #4 (OF 6) I’m not entirely certain why it took DC so long to try this as an ongoing (yes, I know this is a mini, but it’s becoming an ongoing). Coming from Dini and Timm, its unsurprising how strong this concept is and it can easily support an ongoing. The writing and art have been good (even if I’d prefer something resembling Timm’s art or even Mike Parobek’s old Batman Adventures stuff). However, the storyline focuses on Hush, who just about kills my interest in any story, no matter how good it is. Its especially egregious here when you consider what a rogue’s gallery Batman Beyond had. Still reading it, but mostly because I miss Batman Beyond. Hopefully the ongoing will be Hushless.

BRIGHTEST DAY #10 Ok. I’m not picking this up. This book just crystallizes a problem I have with DC. They publish a lot of books like this, which feature a lot of teases towards the future, which are always much more interesting as teases than they are when they actually become stories. If they ever become stories in the first place. It feels like Countdown without the hype.

JOE THE BARBARIAN #7 (OF 8) An enthralling book thanks to Morrison’s inventiveness, but Sean Murphy’s gorgeous art has stolen the show on this book. It is nothing short of incredible and if he doesn’t become a superstar off this book than there is no justice in this world. That said, I do think the book suffers in the monthly format. The book really flows when you read multiple issues at once, almost like stream of consciousness. I think this is going to make a must own trade.

UNWRITTEN #17 I know Jim and Gwen sing the praises of Madame Xanadu around here a lot, but for my money, this is the best ongoing Vertigo is currently publishing. It’s a very meta book, about fiction and how it interacts with the real world and this issue’s no exception, telling us Lizzie Hexam’s story as a Choose Your Own Adventure. Even better, Ryan Kelly off of the amazing Local, is doing finishes over regular artist Peter Gross’ art. Worth a look.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #643 Man screw the haters. I’m still digging this book when its not Joe Q’s navel gazing. The romantic stuff still feels awkward, but it’s the best Spider-Man has been in years and this has Mark Waid putting every Spider-Man villain on Peter’s trail. That’s good enough for me.

ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN WOLVERINE #3 (OF 5) This book is completely insane and I love it. You never would have expected a Spider Man/Wolverine book to involve time travel, unraveling the time stream, and shooting Doom the Living Planet in the face with a bullet that contains the Phoenix force. Written by Jason Aaron, no less. Great art too from Adam Kubert, who is the superior Kubert brother for my money. Also, DEVIL DINOSAUR. If you don’t enjoy this, I’m not sure why you aren’t reading comics.

DAREDEVIL BY BENDIS & MALEEV ULTIMATE COLLECTION BOOK 2 I’m not buying this because I own it in hardcover, but if you haven’t read this, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. One of the best creative team runs on a superhero book in decades. Its not as innovative, but it is in the same class as Miller’s classic stuff.

THUNDERBOLTS #148 As loathe as I am to give Jim credit for anything, he’s totally right about this book. Jeff Parker and Kev Walker have done another outstanding twist on Marvel’s most malleable book and are putting out one of the coolest team books at the moment. And given that the preview involves Luke Cage hitting a ninja over the head with a trash can, I think I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by this book.

X-FACTOR #209 This book got a bit lost in the X crossover madness and a time travel story that seemed to never end. That said, it seems to have regained its swagger as a book about the Private Investigators of the Marvel Universe and expanded its focused beyond the X-Men, first with the FF and now with Thor. If you gave up on the book back in the day, like I did, I’d say give it another shot.
CBGB #3 (OF 4) A great anthology about the famous New York Punk Rock Venue. I’m always a bit wary of anthologies, but this has been top notch so far. I’m in it for the duration.

GI JOE COBRA II #8 Ok, I’m not into this book, but everyone else I know at my comic store seems to enjoy it. Am I a stubborn joykill or are they all manchildren blinded by nostalgia? U DECIDE!

Not a bad week. And I didn't even mention DMZ and Northlanders, two great Brian Wood books which I can't decide if I should read in singles or trades.

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