Thursday, November 11, 2010

Comics And ... Exclusive! Inside the World of DC Comics

This week, DC announced a sabbatical for J. Michael Straczynski from monthly titles while he works on the sequel to Superman Earth One. This blog has an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the decision making process for this move as Geoff Johns, Editor Eddie Berganza, and VP of Sales Bob Wayne met to discuss the next volume of Superman: Earth One....

(DC Offices)

Eddie Berganza: Guys, have you seen the numbers on Superman: Earth One?

Geoff Johns: They’re amazing. We’ve really hit a home run here.

Bob Wayne: It’s the Superman origin story we’ve been waiting for. It’s got great art, its free of continuity, and it’s got more volumes on the way. We’re going to make a killing in the bookstore market.

Geoff: Speaking of sequels, we need to talk about fast tracking the next volume of this.

Eddie: Well, Joe should be arriving any moment now, so let’s --

(Door Flies Open)

JMS: Calm yourselves, gentlemen. I have arrived.

Geoff: Joe! We were just talking about you! Nice Hoodie!

JMS: I know, Geoff. I was writing an issue of the Brave and the Bold and I realized I had to make myself relevant to today’s comic book reader. Which means hoodies, sulking, and occasional Christ imagery.

Eddie: You said you were working on an issue of the Brave and the Bold?

JMS: I believe … we were to discuss the sequel to my best selling, ground breaking tome, Superman Earth One.

Eddie: Well that’s the thing. Its sales have been massive. We want to get the next volume underway as soon as possible.

JMS: Very well. I believe that can be arranged.

Geoff: Awesome! How soon do you think you can have a script ready?

JMS: Well that all depends.

Bob: On…

JMS: Clearly, the unique alchemy of creative forces that coalesced to create this book have allowed me to redefine the superhero marketplace. I will need to devote my entire attention and considerable resources to its continual revolution and evolution. Then, I will make the next volume of Earth One the highest selling comic book of all time.

Eddie: Like you were going to make the Brave and the Bold a top twenty selling book?

JMS: The Brave and the What?

Bob: Joe, what exactly are you asking for?

JMS: Find someone else to write my monthly shit.

Geoff: Wait, you can’t just abandon them.

JMS: Original graphic novels are the future, Geoff. I don’t have time to talk about the past.

Geoff: But, what about all your big plans for Grounded? And how its going to be a revolutionary new take on how Superman relates to humanity? Or your redefinition of Wonder Woman?

Eddie: Or the Brave and the Bold.

JMS: Guys. I’m not here to discuss outdated things like monthlies, deadlines, or the Twelve. I’m here to talk about my redefinition of the comic book marketplace and my definitive take on the origin of Superman.

Geoff: Well I don’t know about definitive…

JMS: I’m sorry. Did you put Superman in a hoodie?

Geoff: Well no, but –

JMS: I rest my case. Gentlemen, you’ll call it a sabbatical from monthly comics and the importance of my work that you do publish will triple over night. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an idea about Metamorpho in skinny jeans and I want to write down this multi million dollar concept before another comes to me. If you need me, I’ll be at Hot Topic, gathering inspiration.

(JMS leaves mysteriously into the shadows)

Geoff: … Superman didn’t wear a hoodie in the 70’s.