Monday, November 08, 2010

A Fistful of Reviews

Supergirl Annual #2 (DC)

This book was awesome! This book is the Legion we have been missing of late. Also I am a sucker for the Brainiac 5/Supergirl love story. I am interested to see if this will be followed up on at all and I can only hope that it will be. I wonder if DC plans to go anywhere with all the foreshadowing they've done about Supergirl's fate.

Batman and Robin #15 (DC)

I am not usually a Grant Morrison fan but I have enjoyed the Batman and Robin books. Of course this whole Thomas Wayne story has just been bizarre but for the most part I've had a lot of fun with Dick and Damian being the dynamic duo.

Superman # 703 (DC)

As much as I'm a bit tired of the Grounded-themed Superman stories I did enjoy this issue as it was more of a focus on Lois Lane and it does seem that she gets neglected as a character somewhat - especially when Superman was off planet. It was a good reflective Lois story and I enjoyed it :)

Legion of Superheroes #6 (DC)

This book is awful. But going online for fans to vote for Legion leader is fun!

Long Road Home Ras Al Ghul (DC)

I wasn't terribly impressed with these one-shots overall although the Batgirl one was well done. The idea of Bruce evaluating some of his allies was a bit silly. However, at least they've seemed to have resolved the Vicki Vale dilemma - but she really didn't need to burn down the whole room... I mean really, there are paper shredders.

The Walking Dead on AMC

This TV series has gotten off to an excellent start. They've stayed pretty close to the source material and I'm also pretty happy with both the casting in quality and skill. Also - the zombie make up has been excellent. If you haven't taken the time to give this show a shot you absolutely should - especially if you're a fan of the comic book.

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