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Indies Previews For February Part 3 of 3

Humanoids Inc
Celestial Bibendum Vol. 01 Deluxe HC by (W/A/C) Nicolas De Crecy
From multiple Eisner-nominated creator Nicholas De Crecy comes a masterpiece of color and irony, recounting the absurd tale of one lonely seal by the name of Diego in the vast and corrupt metropolis of New York on the Seine. Presented in Humanoids Deluxe format: a limited and numbered edition of 550 copies with slipcase, in its original European-sixed format. $69.95
Lee: De Crecy is one of the original French masters of the medium. This is a chance to have a one of his masterpieces in a fantastic format. Yes, it’s expensive but if you plan on keeping this a long time, like I do, then you can’t go wrong.
Gwen: Ever since I took a French Literature course in college I've found myself drawn to all sorts of French story telling. The concept intrigues me but sadly the price puts it out of my "trying it out" range.

Pandemonium Vol. 01 GN by (W) Christophe Bec (A) Stefano Raffaele (C) Olivier Peru
In 1951, a mother and her young daughter entered one of America's most prestigious institutions for the treatment of tuberculosis, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The events that befell them shortly thereafter, both of a supernatural and criminal nature, were some of the most sordid of the times. Based on real events. $19.95 You can read about the Sanatorium here.
Lee: As soon as I got to the ‘based on real life events’ part of the hype I was sold. Then I read about the Santorium, which sounds down right scary, then I knew I had to read this. You really can’t go wrong with ghost stories set in places that are really supposed to be haunted.
Gwen: Excellent creepy vibe to this - Why is it that we have cool looking horror genre comics for Feb. but all we get for October seems to be generic monster stuff.

Metropolitan Books
Journalism HC by (W/A/C) Joe Sacco
Over the past decade, Joe Sacco has increasingly turned to short-form comics journalism to report from the sidelines of wars around the world. Collected here for the first time, Sacco's darkly funny, revealing reportage confirms his standing as one of the foremost war correspondents working today. In The Unwanted, Sacco chronicles the detention of Saharan refugees who have washed up on the shores of Malta; Chechen War, Chechen Women documents the trial without end of widows in the Caucasus. Other pieces take Sacco to the smuggling tunnels of Gaza; the trial of Milan Kovacevic, Bosnian warlord, in The Hague; and the darkest chapter in recent American history, Abu Ghraib. 208 pgs. $24.00
Lee: It's a collection of Joe Sacco material so you really can't go wrong. But, just in case you don't know, Sacco is one of the best at chronicling world events in the medium we love best. These will be stories that don't make the front page but are infinitely more interesting.
Gwen: Honestly, as interesting as this looks, it's not my cup of tea. I prefer my world news (especially wartime news) in brief facts not as full stories.

Ernest and Rebecca Vol. 01: My Best Friend is a Germ HC by (W) Guillame Bianco (A/C) Antonello Dallena
Rebecca is a six and a half year-old girl who is out of luck - her parents are on the verge of divorce and she is always getting sick due to a weak immune system. One rainy day Rebecca's luck changes when she meets a magical microbe named Ernest, who becomes her best friend! Ernest is no regular germ-he's about the same height as Rebecca and he can talk. Can Rebecca keep her parents together with the help of her new friend? And can anyone really have a friend who belongs in a Petri dish? Visit the artist here. 48 pgs. $11.99
Lee: Papercutz is putting out some of the best all-ages comics bar none these days. This looks to be another Euro import which is really good too. A large segment of the French market is devoted to the all-ages market so I am betting this is pretty good. If you have a young reader you really can’t go wrong. The artist has worked for Disney so the art will be pretty for older readers to enjoy too.
Gwen: Very cute concept. We've moved past imaginary human or animal friends to a germ friend. Heh.

Powerhouse Books
Golden Age Western Comics HC
Powerhouse Books is pleased to present a collection of these uniquely American stories as told through a uniquely American medium…the comic book! Golden Age Western Comics lovingly reproduces in full-color, restored, complete scans of 20 of the best Western stories—plus a few pin-ups—created between the years 1948 and 1956. These lavishly illustrated stories of guts and glory, violence and valor, intrigue, romance, and betrayal, on the range and in lawless frontier towns, were created by some of the best artists and writers of the era. The action flies off the page in stories such as “The Tragedy at Massacre Pass,” and “Breakout in rondo Prison,” from the greatest earliest publishing houses, including: Fawcett, Charlton, Avon, Youthful, and more. Golden Age Western Comics is a collection unlike any other and is sure to delight fans of rootin-tootin, gun-toting, adventure of all ages! See the preview page here. 144 pgs. $24.95
Lee: On one hand this looks really really good because I like old comics but on the other hand it’s about cowboys. Cowboys really aren’t my thing. But, this is probably the only way I will get to see these comics because I am not going to spend the money on the original books. This is a really tough call.
Gwen: Westerns are a lot of fun although American Vampire is the only comic that pulled off a good Western comic book as of late (that I've read that is).

Rebellion / 2000AD
Judge Dredd Crusade SC by (W) Grant Morrison (A/C) Carlos Ezquerra
The Thing meets Where Eagles Dare as two of the world's most popular comic book writers - Grant Morrison and Mark Millar - produce a high-octane thriller! The greatest future lawman of them all, Judge Dredd, joins an international cadre of judges to recover a scientist who claims he has a message from God! And in The Frankenstein Division, Millar creates the ultimate judge - by stitching together pieces of the best! $16.99
Lee: What would a month of indies be without at least one book by Morrison/Millar. This is early material from both so it should be comprehensible and less gratuitously violent! This is a chance to read stories by the stars from before they were stars.
Gwen: I'm torn. On the one hand I love Judge Dredd. On the other hand I am not a Grant Morrison fan. Of course it's earlier Morrison which is sometimes more tolerable. Hmmm.

Chico & Rita GN by (W) Fernando Trueba (A/C) Javier Mariscal
Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unite them, but their journey brings heartache and torment. From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood, and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love. Mariscal's art perfectly captures the steamy, vibrant atmosphere of 1940s Havana and transports the reader back to a time filled with music and romance. Read about the author here. 216 pgs. $24.95
Lee: YAHOOO! I can’t believe is here. Based upon the animated film of the same name, this was a huge hit in France just before I left. Absolutely fantastic art and from the bits I could read in the store, a good story to boot. It isn’t often we get Euro books fairly close to their original release so I have got to support this. And, I highly recommend reading about the author (see link above), Mariscal is incredible talented having done covers for The New Yorker and other high profile things. This is serious art in a comic book.
Gwen: I don't usually enjoy comics from movies. It does look like an interesting concept though and I'd be willing to give it a try.

Villard Books
Jonathan Kellerman: Alex Delaware Book 01 - Silent Partner GN by (W) Jonathan Kellerman (Adapted by) Ande Parks (A/C) Michael Gaydos
New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman makes his debut in the graphic novel world with a graphic adaptation of his noirish Alex Delaware thriller Silent Partner with stylish, black-and-white, noir-inspired art from award-winning artist Michael Gaydos. In Silent Partner, Alex investigates the murder of his ex-lover, a mysterious, alluring woman with a troubled past. His investigation will take him to the seamy side of Hollywood and its glamorous ultrarich... to the dark and twisted corridors of the mind. 192 pgs. $23.00
Lee: As the author of 30+ books, I think that Kellerman has a handle on crime fiction. The question is how well will he do translating his own work into pictures? I think choosing Gaydos, a very accomplished artist is a very wise move, and this could be very good. Also choosine Ande Parks (Capote in Kansas GN) is another wise choice. If you like crime fiction it's worth a look-see.
Gwen: Sweet, murder mysteries are awesome.

Lee: What a great month! There isn't a shortage of new material that's for sure. I continue to overspend at Humanoids and this month is no exception.
Gwen: February seems somewhat Halloweenish.

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