Sunday, March 25, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday

This week, in honor of the Dark Horse archive Crime Does Not Pay Vol 1, I am showing covers from that classic series.  Even though EC took the fall, CNDP was one of the main culprints for over the top covers that ended in the creation of the Comics Code.  First up...

First up Crime Does Not Pay #24 published November 1942.  It's hard to top a cover in which the bad guy shoves a woman's head onto a burning stove.

Crime Does Not Pay #31 January 1944.  But top it they did with this classic in which the criminal is disguised as a baby.  Since, these are true stories, you have to wonder if criminals were smarter or dumber back then.

Crime Does Not Pay #33 May 1944.  And for straight up gore we have psycho with cleaver and not 1, not 2, but 5 hanging bodies.

Crime Does Not Pay #34.  Finally, just a classic cover.  This isn't shocking or gory but it is a beautiful composition.

And finally, Crime Does Not Pay #38 March 1945.  And finally, just to show that every book has a silly cover we have this classic.  Check out the woman in the back.  You would think that either the: (a) cops storming your house or (b) the blood spurting from your boyfriends ear would indicate it's a bad time to do your nails.  But you would be wrong. 

That's all folks, now go enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. Great covers, they make you want to read the book.