Sunday, March 18, 2012

Comic Covers Sundays

Another Sunday, another round of covers.

This week I want to focus on a superhero that was better than most.  Granted he's from the Golden Age so it didn't take much to be better than most.

It's CAT-MAN.  Enjoy... never know when you might see him again on the blog.

The first cover is from  issue #20 with... well I don't think I need to really describe what's going on.  Gotta love pre-code covers!

While the first cover was violent this is just kinda silly.  Our hero is using a flaming welding torch as a whip.  Now that's a smart idea... actually it appears to be working.

and a classic by LB Cole.  One of the grandmasters of horror covers.  I need to talk about him exclusively one Sunday.

and finally another LB Cole cover.  It's all about the composition.  I wish modern cover artists had this much skill.

That's all for this week.  Now go enjoy your Sunday.

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