Sunday, June 24, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: My First Comic

This week something different.  Our first covers!  I asked everyone what was the first comic book they remembered buying, or being bought for them.  I was interested to see how different our collective reading experiences were.
For me,
Marvel 2-in-1 #28, June 1977.
We at at the local grocery store back when grocery stores still carried comics, I whined, Mom caved, and I got it. Boy oh boy did I ever get it because my punishment for whining.... having to read it out loud with Mom. I loved the book but I really just wanted her to read it to me.

For Thomm
Amazing Spider-man 184, September 1978
I had a few issues of other books here and there that my grandmother had bought for me, but this was the first issue of a subscription I bought in order to have sold something in a magazine sales drive at my new school in rural Pennsylvania.  From there it was a yearly expansion to more and more subscriptions.  Coincidentally, it was about this time  that progress of Peter Parker’s life ended, as he graduated from college in 185, and nothing’s happened in the 35 years since, in terms of aging.

For Jim
Amazing Spider-Man #6, November 1963
My Dad got it for me I'm sure from a newstand. Not 100% if the first, just the first I remember actually stopping to look up a word (frenzy I think). I think at six Spider-Man was young enough that I could identify with him and thought his powers were cool.

For Matthew
Life with Archie #182, June 1977
It's the first one I remember buying new. I got in the Spring of 1977 at the MCV gift shop on one of our visits to see my step-father's ailing mother in the hospital. "Nuff said."

I'd also asked, What's the first one that really got you hooked on collecting?  Matthew responded...
Marvel Team-Up #59, July 1977
Really that's hard to answer, but for some reason this issue sticks in my mind. I'm a collector my nature and I was most interested in the art initially. I can't adequately answer this in only a few sentences -- there's so much that goes into it (including Slurpees!)

While this isn't the first book that came to mind, I absolutely remember this one!  It's still one of my all time favorites and started my love of John Byrne's art.

Finally.... the one you've all been waiting for... GWEN!
Strawberry Shortcake #4, October 1985
I remember my Dad used to read comics to me before I went to bed.  I always loved them but this is the one that really hooked it because it was the first one I read all by myself.  Just thinking of the story of the Berry Princess brings back happy memories.  Hee Hee.

That's all folks, now go enjoy your Sunday.

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