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Indies Previews for August Part 1 of 3

Lee: Everytime I think it's gonna be a light month, I seem to find a ton of books to talk about.  I could limit myself but why...
Gwen: Another 3 parter. Let's dive right in!

Abrams Comicarts
Economix: How & Why Our Economy Works & Doesn't Work GN by (w) Michael Goodwin (a/c) Dan Burr
Stimulus plans: good or bad? Free markets: How free are they? Jobs: Can we afford them? Occupy Wall Street... worldwide! Everybody's talking about the economy, but how can we, the people, understand what Wall Street or Washington knows - or say they know? With clear, witty writing and quirky, accessible art, this important and timely graphic novel transforms the dismal science of economics into a fun, fact-filled story about human nature and our attempts to make the most of what we've got. It's the essential, accessible guide to understanding the economy and economic practices. 304 pgs. $19.95
Lee: The market has been flooded with these ‘explanation’ books lately. Between philosophy, history of comics, and now this I think I am just about done with them. That said, this one certainly looks interesting and in this day and age, anything that can simplify world economics for the masses has got to be a good thing. AND, the art is really good too! Burr was the artist on an early, super-amazing gn, Kings in Disguise.
Gwen: I'm a fan of putting topics like this into comic book form. I loved Action Philosophers not only because it was fun but it was also educational. Let's face it, there are a lot of people interested in a variety of topics but not everyone wants to pick up any old dry book on something like economics. Having a comic book alternative is a great way to get such info out to the public. 

Blank Slate
Death and the Girls SC by (w/a/c) Donya Todd
Meet the Nubian sisters: Betsy, Bunny, and Batstone. A hangover is the least of their problems after a tequilla-fueled night in the Mexican desert leads to Betsy having a threesome with an anthropomorphic washing machine and Death himself. Love-struck, the Grim Reaper decides that he wants Betsy's fleshy pink hand in marriage. As if that weren't bad enough, Betsy's woes are magnified when she discovers she's pregnant with ol' Washy's child! 48 pgs. $8.99 Visit the artist here. http://donyatodd.blogspot.com/ and see teaser pages here
Lee: I am not sure I can describe this well enough in three sentences to do it justice. So I won’t try… it just looks awesome and funny. Definitely for the indie crowd.
Gwen: Umm, I think I was lost at the idea of being pregnant with a washing machine's baby...

Hunch Parsons SC by (w/a/c) Warwick Johnson Caldwell
All across the city, known bounty hunters are turning up dead: victims of an unseen assassin that has the police chiefs dumbfounded. Who could be behind these hits and - more importantly - who the hell is crazy enough to take the case? Enter, Hunch Parsons: the force's foremost Lucha Libre mask-wearing, twin pistol-slinging supercop. As the meanest officer to ever wear the CCPD blue and gold, Hunch arrives on the scene to kick ass first, take names later and hunt down the scumbags behind the escalating violence in the interim. 28 pgs. $7.99 Visit Caldwell here
Lee: It’s a little pricey but there’s something about this that just appeals to me. Maybe it’s the crazy cover artwork. Maybe it’s just the promise of pure insanity within the pages. Whatever it is, it looks good and worth investigating.
Gwen:This does look like it could be a lot of fun - although I'm feeling this may be a cop-vigilante type story.

Fantagraphics Books
Cavalier Mr. Thompson: A Sam Hill GN by (w/a/c) Rich Tommaso
Loosely based on the works of real-life crime writer Jim Thompson, cartoonist Rich Tommaso presents a story that's one part crime and one part American History. Set in the small oil town of 1920's Big Spring, Texas, this book follows the trials and tribulations of aspiring detective Sam Hill and family. 144 pgs. $16.99. Visit Rich here
Lee: This is interesting in many ways. First, it was funded through kickstarter. While this is not inherently unique, it seems that more and more creators are going this route to get their comics published. I think it’s a great thing which allows fans to be even more in touch with their favorite creators than ever. After that, it’s Tommaso, who is one heck of an artist/writer, so you really can’t go wrong on this one.
Gwen:I've seen a big increase in kickstarter funding. It makes a lot of sense in funding indie projects and I'm glad to see more and more coming into the published world this way as the creators don't have to take as a big a risk to get their work out there.

Weird Horrors & Daring Adventures of Joe Kubert Archives Vol. 01 HC
For the first time, 33 of Joe Kubert's best stories from his post-war freelance years have been collected in one full-color volume, with a special emphasis on horror and crime. Weird Horrors and Daring Adventures boasts state-of-the-art restoration and an extensive set of historical notes. 240 pgs, $39.99
Lee: I actually have a couple of the original books these stories are pulled from and I can tell you they are wonderful Golden Age horror story fun. The thing to note here is that this isn’t Kurbert’s scratchy Sgt Rock style art. This is his early stuff. It’s still great but not at all what you’d expect.
Gwen: This isn't something I'm interested in but I'm sure it'll be great for all the Kubert fans out there. 

Humanoids Inc
Shadows Treasure Deluxe HC by (w) Alejandro Jodorowsky (a/c) Francois Boucq
Before the creative duo of Alexandro Jodorowsky and Francois Boucq would bring us their gritty Western series Bouncer, they collaborated and playfully challenged each other in this stunning publication of simple and seductive beauty where the thoughts of one guide the hand of the other. Publishing in English for the first time. Strictly limited and numbered to 750 copies. Allocations may occur.) 88 pgs. $69.95
Lee: This is one of the few Humanoids books that I might skip. It’s really expensive for not that many pages. That said, I am sure it’s gonna be amazingly beautiful with fantastic reproduction… it’s gonna look beautiful, and Boucq’s art is gonna be great. Darnit! I may have talked myself into this.
Gwen:Wow Lee, you didn't need much arm twisting there....

Crusades HC by (w) Alex Nikolavitch (a/c) Zhang Xiaoyu
An epic tale where history blends with fantasy to explosive and cinematic results. Follow the Knights Templar's elite faction as they are sent on a secretive and perilous mission, a crusade to determine the true causes of the Plague of Damietta. For fans of A Game of Thrones. 280 pgs. $34.95
Lee: I think I have gotten every Humanoids release in the past 2 years. Here’s what I know, if they publish it in tpb, you have a 60/40 change of it being good. The art will always be great but the story… that’s a little iffy. BUT, if they immediate publish it in hc then it’s gonna be good. Their record for first run hc’s is a ridiculous 95% great. The story sounds iffy to me but nary a hc has been bad yet so I’m going for it.
Gwen:As I am not a fan of Game of Thrones I'd probably pass on this. The art looks shiny though.

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  1. Don't listen to the press releases. Tough it like Game of Thrones, Crusades has nothing to do like it.

    It's more of a cross between conspiracy stuff and historical brawl. Let's say it's a bit like the first Predator movies, but set in medieval times.