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Indies Previews for October Part 2 of 3

Continued from yesterday...

Gingko Press
Steampunk: The Beginning SC ny (W) James P. Blaylock
Steampunk: The Beginning features over 80 illustrations of characters and scenes from three seminal Steampunk novels: Homonculus (1986) by James Blaylock, Infernal Devices (1987) by K.W. Jeter, and Anubis Gates (1983) by Tim Powers. All three authors were students at Cal State Fullerton in the 1970s, where they wrote early Steampunk short stories. Fittingly, the illustrations found in Steampunk: The Beginning are all by Cal State Fullerton students, alumni, and faculty. Essays by the original Steampunks James P. Blaylock, K.W. Jeter and Tim Powers bring the project full-circle. FC, 10x11, 120 pgs, $24.95
Lee:  Actually, I really don't care about this book.  I'm sure it's interesting n'all but it makes me feel m'eh.  BUT, it does make me want to read the three books it references.  I am always looking for a good book and this gave me some great places to start.

Glitter Books
Psychedelic Sex Vampires: Jean Rollin Cinema GN
An illustrated appreciation of the films of Jean Rollin, the cult French film director best-known for his surrealistic depictions of vampires, sex, and horror. The book features extended photographic sections on each of Rollin's notorious Vampire Quartet - The Rape of the Vampire, The Nude Vampire, The Shiver of the Vampires, and Requiem for a Vampire - as well as dozens of images from his other films. With 140 photographs and poster images and a foreword by noted film writer Ado Kyrou. PC, 96 pgs, $24.95
Lee:  Ummm, yeah.  I picked this because I am a huge fan of Rollin's films.  I haven't seen a single one but based on the description above and the cover... I am a HHUUGGGEEEE fan.  How can you not be?

Heavy Metal Magazine
Underwhere HC by (w/a) Kevin Eastman (c) Mark Martin
A Kevin Eastman classic reissued! Our young hero Jacob travels between the parallel worlds of Overwhere and Underwhere. Lusciously illustrated this charming tale was first published in 1995. Great fun for all ages. FC, 8x11, 96pgs, $24.95
Photos of Eastman and Marc Silverstri at the art show opening for the book here.
Lee:  This is a mixed thing for me because it's so confusing.  Yes, Eastman is 1/2 the team that created the TMNT but post that all of his work has been.... well for Heavy Metal.  And, as we all know, HM is definitely not for kids.  (except for MotorHead... ACE OF SPAAADDDDEEESSSS!).

Anyway, the book is oversized.  It looks pretty and I'm betting it's good.  I'm just have trouble with the fact that HM is publishing kid friendly stuff.

Humanoids Inc
Diosamante HC by (w) Alejandro Jodorowsky (A/c) Jean-Claude Gal
Two of European comics' most distinct creators, Alexandro Jodorowsky (The Incal, The Metabarons) and Metal Hurlant alumni Jean-Claude Gal (Arn), collaborate here to bring us the unique tale of an ancient queen as beautiful as she is cruel. A magnificently rendered story, full of mysticism and fantasy. Available in the English language for the first time, this edition includes a bonus section with some of Gal's unpublished pages and sketches, as well as text pieces by Jodorowsky. 96 pgs. $24.95
Lee:  I am a huge Jodorowsky fan so this was an order-on-sight book for me.  Beyond my love, why should you order?  First, I am sure it's full of insane ideas because it's Jodorowsky.  Second, it's never been in the english language so it's brandy, shiney new which is always cool.  Third, it's a Humanoids HC and I have never been disappointed by a H-HC yet.

Knockabout Comics
Big Book of Mischief GN by (W/A/C) Krent Able
From the pages of the UK's award-winning, infamous music newspaper, The Stool Pigeon, come Krent Able's mind-blowing, appallingly hilarious and beautifully drawn rock-star abusing comic strips, gathered together for the first time. Featuring exclusive new comics and illustrations, join the dashing and hirsute Mr. Able as he takes a chainsaw to the icons of music. See Lou Reed's trouble with monkeys! Goldfrapp's thirst for perverted vengeance! Johnny Cash in drug-related impotence shocker! Kraftwerk sadly miniaturised and toasted! Lily Allen crushed by Satan! The Beach Boys return from beyond the grave to eat your guts and kill your pets. $18.99  Visit the artist here, please note it comes with a very necessary content warning.  It's great fun but it's underground comix!  You've been warned.
Lee:  If there was ever a group of people that deserved to be satirized it's musicians.  Having them meet all sorts of grisly ends only makes it funnier... in a black comedy kind of way.  Based on Able's website, it isn't for the meek but it's certainly funny.

Legendary Comics
Tower Chronicles Vol. 02: Geisthawk GN by (w) Matt Wagner (A) Simon Bisley (C) Alex Ross
A Hunter Haunted in Two Worlds! Written by Matt Wagner, award-winning creator of Grendel and Mage, and created by Thomas Tull, executive producer of 300 and The Dark Knight, this is the next compelling chapter in the tale of John Tower, a supernatural bounty hunter who tracks down the horrifying nightmares that plague our unsuspecting world. Following the close of the Piranha Killer affair, we find Tower reluctantly enduring the assistance of FBI agent Alicia Hardwicke, whose cynicism quickly dissipates once she witnesses his terrifying ordeals. Now, united in Tower's quest, they travel the globe together and into the darkest recesses of mankind's most dangerous places to vanquish a multitude of demonic manifestations and unfathomable evils - all to free his troubled patrons from their tormentors' unearthly grasp. Illustrated by acclaimed 2000AD and Lobo artist Simon Bisley, with second issue cover art by industry legend Alex Ross, this is Volume Two in the first Book of a graphic novel trilogy, serialized bi-monthly in four deluxe prestige editions. Each volume of this spectacular epic features cover art by one of comics' most notable talents. #2 of 4, FC, 72 pgs, $7.99
Lee:  Where, when did I miss this?  Wagner and Bisley doing knights and nightmares?  This is a can't miss. 

Tomorrow, the conclusion.

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