Saturday, December 09, 2006

Me Am Tired of Living in Bizzaro World

I'm totally stealing this post from Airelle -, she linked to the following article which basically describes how a four year old student was being charged with sexual harassment because of the way he placed his head when he hugged a school aide. The school, per the report, has downgraded the offensive to inappropriate physical contact after protest by his father.


This world has gone totally upside down. Someone invades your home or destroys your property and then you defend it and you can be sued by the criminal. I heard of one such case down along the Mexican border and I believe the people who sued and won were illegal immigrants destroying a rancher's property.

When the hell did black become white and up become down. A great book called "The Death of Common Sense" by Philip K. Howard outlines how the legal system has slowly destroyed this country. This is just an example of how much further wrong it has gone.

If your child is acting out outside in a store and you smack his ass, then someone will have the authorities over your house. People with degrees to tell you how to raise a child properly, although they never had a child.

We need degrees for everything today, pills to medicate a problem away and our pre-schoolers are developing lifetime records for being deviants in some states. Stand up for what is right and be shouted down by everyone. Dare say the wrong thing and be declared a racist.

I'm against illegal immigration and have been called a nativist for it, an underhanded way of calling me a racist. What utter crap, it is okay to have differing opinions, but if I disagree with you I don't call you names, but that is the way have the media argues against opinions they don't want to hear.

I heard someone on the radio talking about a common sense thing that a child is better off coming from a two parent home statistically speaking. A single mother called in and said that is was wrong to say that because her child turned out just fine. The radio show host said that he agrees that many children can succeed in a one person household, but that your chances improve if you have a two person household. She said it was wrong to say that as you maybe discouraging some people. Speak the truth and they tell you not to say it.

What will it take to cause enough of an uproar to actually invoke political change and a return to common sense. I fear it won't happen in my lifetime.

End of Rant - Me now no go back to not ranting.


  1. I loved the title for this post - very appropriate!

  2. Me not glad you liked it.

  3. You have some of the best typos. Your paragraph about the two parent homes says, and I quote, "a child is beeter off coming for a two parent home sadistically speaking." Nevermind the "for" instead of from or the lack of a comma after home. Sadistically instead of statisically has got to be the best Freudian slip ever.

    By the way, being called a nativist is not equivalent to being called a racist. Nativists include everyone already in a land on the good guy side, so in the US that includes a lot of "races". A nativist simply doesn't want to see any more coming in. Now, someone may use the term to try to subtly brand you a racist, but that's not really what the term means.

    Lastly, I'm always wary of these urban legend type of stories, such as the burglars suing property owners or pre-schooles being labeled as sexual harrassers. We never get all the facts on these things in the little outrage blurbs that get circled around. Take the older woman who sued McDonalds over being burned with hot coffee when she spilled it on herself. On the surface, it sounds outrageous that someone could sue and win for spilling their own coffee on themselves, but McDonald's had a history of being warned several times that it's coffee was being served not simply at hot temperatures but at scalding temperatures. Despite those warnings they did not correct their procedures and were therefore slapped with punitive damages. Most of which were reduced substantially on appeal, too.

    And let's not forget the suit against State Farm wherein a bunch of plaintiff's attorneys sued in class action for the loss of value and safety to vehicles due to the use of non-OEM parts in the repairs. Sure, they won initially, but they lost it all by the time it got to the top court in IL. Where's the injustice there?

    I've run on, but to bring up an opposing extreme in the world of property defense, I remind you of the Baltimore County case in which two brothers lay in wait in their concrete business and shot burglars in the back as they were fleeing the property. Not only were they not charged criminally, they were never sued civilly. Clearly, he unarmed burglars were no threat to their life or limb, particularly because they were running away when shot. Nonetheless, Baltimore County peers on a grand jury decided there was nothing wrong with that. I'm not critizing that decision. Hell, I'm fine with it, actually. But when you take any situation from a locality out of context and slap it all over the overhyped talking heads world of what passes for news on cable TV and talk radio, it's almost aways going to appear to be, in your words, utter crap. That's why I avoid the talking heads and get my info from print media as much as possible.

  4. Thomm - It be better if those typos were Freudian slips, but I'm a horrible editor when I write as I have been pressed for time and then the spell check comes up and I probablt clicked on the wrong thing. Sad.