Friday, December 08, 2006

Things that Made my Day

I took today off from my real world job and did some Christmas shopping. In the course of today a few things really made my day.

First buying gifts for family and friends.

Next, I saw Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie at a matinee and after they lost the perfect James Bond I thought the franchise would flounder. I was happily proven wrong. Great movie. It was an origin of James Bond and Daniel Craig did a good job with the script, but it was the story that really made the movie. This was Bond without a gillizion special effects. The last Bond movie was great in the first half, then the second half was all quips and special effects. This would have been a perfect movie if they had done this as the first Pierce Bronsan James Bond movie. Still I really enjoyed it.

Also, we had switched to using our cable for our phone service via the Internet. We only had one phone for all four floors (basement, first floor, second floor and finished attic). This was because the relatively simple wiring to attach all phones was a pain to actually do in my house, so for a long time we have had only one house phone. Today I picked up a multiple handset cordless phone and we now have two phones and the capability to add extra lines.

My birthday is next week and my daughter Gwen sent me a birthday gift that I received today. Now trying to find something comic related that I don't own or haven't ordered that I will like is close to impossible and yet she did it. This gift made me very happy and I love it. It is the Batman Handbook - The Ultimate Training Manual. It is a step by step guide to help you become Batman. It covers fighting skills, detective skills and much more. In addition it teaches you how to build a Batcave, train a sidekick, maintain you alter ego and many more useful skills as I start training for my new career as Batman. I'll try to occasionally update via my blog how my new career is going.

Then I picked up a new CD as the song by the Fray "How to Save a Life" won't get out of my head. A few tracks on this CD are really good. But How to Save a Life has a quality to the way is sounds that just invokes feelings in me that are hard to put into words. But great music that touches me makes me happy even if the song itself has a sad quality to it.

The Rocky Balboa trailer. I can't believe I want to see this movie, but the trailer makes it seem like it might be a good movie. It is playing right into an aging boomer's feelings that we can still do what we did when we were younger. It may not be as pretty as it was when we were younger, but we still have the guts, determination and passion to maybe beat or at least hold our own against the next generation.

On a totally different note, I will be 51 next week and that means I'm in my 52nd year while the comic series 52 is ongoing. Coincidence or a cosmic alignment of DCU with my life. I think it is a cosmic alignment. 52! 52! 52!


  1. wow, i rock! Glad you enjoyed the book, I haven't seen it myself yet but it looked like it was pretty cool (I found it because some blogger had mentioned it in passing several months ago). Enjoy your new career ;)

  2. Yes you do rock, the book is very, very cool. Thanks again.