Friday, December 01, 2006

What do Some Projects get Green Lighted?

This week a new Green Lantern Mini-series started. A two part prestige format mini-series called Guy Gardner Collateral Damage.

It is by Howard Chaykin and was an okay series, still playing into the whole convoluted Rann/Thanagar war theme and throwing in the whole Guy Gardner Warrior stuff into the mix. But why was this project a go and done as a prestige format. I think the prestige format was so it would be over in two issues, but I could be a little cynical.

Still why this series and especially why now. DC has the Hal Jordan unlimited Green Lantern series, the Ion 12 part series, the GL Corps unlimited series, that has Guy Gardner as one of it's major starts and is reprinting in hard cover already the new Green Lantern series. Hell a new archives of the silver age material on Green Lantern is due out soon.
My question is that if everything green is good for DC what about John Stewart. Here is one of the first black super heroes to be ever made into one of the premier super heroes. He has a fascinating history, is one of the main stars of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, yet we have Guy Gardner in two different series, Hal in his series, Kyle in his series and no John Stewart. Practically everyone else in the GL universe has been revived except for John Stewart's wife. He wasn't in Giffen's Justice League so why has he been ignored and abused.
From my viewpoint this newest GL mini-series was over kill and totally not needed as Dave Gibbons is doing a fine job with Guy and this series is not good enough to warrant being told. If we are going to have more Lantern action make the next book about John Stewart.


  1. Nice pun in the title... almost missed it.

    So, are you or aren't you a GL fan? If you are a fan isn't more better? I'm not a DC guy so I never really cared about GL. Seems to be pretty good talent on the books (fair talent on Ion)so what is the real issue?

    Maybe you know, does the GLC have a solid fan base like the Legion that always shows up?

    So you complain about the excessive number of Green Lantern books but not the number of ads? How did that happen?

    I can’t believe you haven’t ranted about all the ads in the books these days. I know, I know, all over the web with complaints but where is your two cents???? I went to the local store the other day and finally experienced it for myself. OMG was that bad. I looked at the Iron Fist book. Art looks great but I could barely get a feel for the story because every other page was an ad. Actually, it was hard to find the story with all the ads. Reminds me why I tend to wait for the trades.

  2. I'm a GL fan, but after awhile too much is too much. Also I'm not Guy Gardner fan or hater, but Chaykin has about 4 body types and of his art has too much sameness to it.

    I'll have an ad rant as my next blog.

  3. That second cover you posted looks like a knock-off of one of Frank Frazetta's pictures for the Princess of Mars series. Am I the only one seeing that resemblance?

  4. I suppose I should give the artist the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it's a tribute to FF's work.

  5. Arielle - It is definetly a Frazetta rip off or homage to be kind. My hope would be that the UPC symbol is covering the artist saying after Frazetta under it.

  6. I'd buy five GUY GARDNER GL titles a month if it meant HAL JORDAN was dead.

    True Story.

    I still think KYLE should be THE GL. GUY should be the main character in GLC, and STEWART should be the GL in JLA.

    Now I like Howard Chaykin, so I have to read this DC Gardner book.

    Oh, and I am a GL from waay back.