Friday, December 29, 2006

Red Arrow - Please No

Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. Figures include Superman (6.75"), Black Lightning (6.625"), Black Canary (6.5"), Vixen (6.5"), Red Arrow (6.625").
Price TBA, in stores on August 8.
Here is the solicitation for a new set of action figures that solidifies that DC plans to turn Arsenal into Red Arrow. Roy had grown out of his mentor's shadow and become his own man as Arsenal and now he wants to be Red Arrow - please how stupid.
Brad Metzler maybe a hell of a novelist, but his JLA has sucked and his versions of most of these characters is off the mark also. Black Canary is a female Wolverine for some reason, Black Lightning (who is black after all) looks bizarre and has no discernible character, Red Arrow is now a poor dyed version of Green Arrow, Vixen has been wasted and in the last issue was channeling a bird so bad she had apparently mated with another bird.
This is not my JLA and is a waste of Ed Benes very strong art work. Let's hope Metzler is out after issue #12 and doesn't sign up for anymore.
On the positive front the Wonder Woman relaunch is over after issue #5 and we have a new team who may deliver a monthly book and a recognizable character and Flash has a new team very soon. So at least DC is seeing issues with certain stories and takes steps to try and get it right.


  1. Does this mean you aren't buying any of these cool looking dolls?

    Ummm, I mean Action Figures?

  2. I may still have to get the Vixen doll.

  3. You let Red Arrow bother you too much.

    He was the most fun part of the most recent issue when he got himself an eyefull of Hawkgirl.

    "Pretty bird."

    I actually liked Red Arrow over Arsenal. Whose going to pick JLA up who doesn't know that stuff and get Arsenal?

    It's ok. Let it go. lol


  4. hell with that Shawn, I agree with Jim wholeheartedly. If you wan green Arrow get Ollie or Conner - Roy became a solid and interesting personality in his own right. I LIKED him as Arsenal. Red Arrow is just stupid. Why can't mainsteam comics seem to let characters find their own path instead of being carbon copies of their mentors? Thank goodness they finally realized they had to give Nightwing a new role.

    BTW, the only time it was alright for a character to mate with an animal was in the Wanders... cause that book was frelled up anyway!